Loire Valley France Book Release! by PJ Adams


Loire Valley France Book Release!

Intoxicating Greater Paris: Loire, Valley of the Kings by best selling author PJ Adams is here!

Loire Valley France Book Release!

Loire Valley France Book Release! by best selling author PJ Adams

This week I share with you, our readers, tour guests, friends, and family, a very special BLOG post presented by best selling travel author and friend, PJ Adams.

PJ Adams joins us to announce the release of her latest book from her France travel series Intoxicating Greater Paris: Loire, Valley of the Kings. I had the wonderful privilege and pleasure of being asked to join this project as the contributor, a photographer, and Loire Valley, France subject matter specialist. Collaborating on this book has been an exceptional experience. I extend a big thank you to PJ, as well as all of my local French friends in the Loire Valley for being apart of this wonderful journey with us!

Loire Valley France Book Release

Below best selling travel author PJ Adams shares her thoughts…

Writing my new book, Intoxicating Greater Paris: Loire, Valley of the Kings, has been a royal journey of legendary proportions. With contributor Christy Destremau of France Off the Beaten Path Tours (an exceptional France tour company), we’ve traversed hundreds of miles through Loire castles, towns, and villages. We’ve sailed down rivers, across the hot-air balloon skies, along pretty Loire hiking and cycling trails, and explored dozens of Renaissance estates sprinkled like jewels across the Loire Valley just outside Paris.

I don’t mind telling you we’ve also enjoyed some sumptuous meals in local Loire eateries. We’ve sampled the splendid Loire goat cheese. Eaten the fantastic river and ocean fish and forest game. And munched—and cooked—the delicious tarte Tatin that originates here. And the wine! Yes, we’ve enjoyed some extraordinary wines like Sancerre, Vouvray, and Chinon and even walked with the vintners themselves through their famous vineyards. We are happy to bring you our stories and recommendations in Intoxicating Greater Paris: Loire, Valley of the Kings.

The fun part of traveling—and shooting photography—with Christy has been her local expertise. She has extraordinary access to decorated chefs for cooking classes, for example. Christy’s personal connections with locals have afforded me intimate insights into the castles and accommodations of the Loire. My favorites include: Chenonceau, the pretty women’s château; Chambord, François I’s king of castles with 425 rooms, 365 fireplaces, and 84 staircases; Chaumont, the grand estate and queenly host of the International Garden Festival; Ussé, Sleeping Beauty’s castle where she still awakens to true love’s kiss; Azay-le-Rideau, the diamond estate on a lake; Cheverny, where the happy hounds are YouTube stars; and dozens of other castle estates, large and small.

Loire Valley France Book ReleaseBut Christy has also helped illuminate the history and players of this legendary area. With her assistance, I’ve been able to explain the offerings of such locales as: Tours, the Cradle of the French Language; Amboise, the pretty tourism enclave where Leonardo de Vinci is buried; Blois, regal center of historical Loire; Orléans, Joan of Arc haven and jazz favorite; equestrian-centered Saumur where we got to pet the show horses and meet the handsome Cadre Noir riders; ethereal Chartres of cathedral fame; and revving Le Mans, home to the 24-hour auto race loved the world over. Our journey has been fun, fantastic, and fabulous. Join as we share our adventures in Intoxicating Greater Paris: Loire, Valley of the Kings (The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.)

— PJ Adams

France Off the Beaten Path – Loire Valley France Book Release

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