Breathtaking villa by the sea
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Astonishing lavender fields
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On of the enchanting castles in Loire Valley - FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ tours
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On of the enchanting castles in Loire Valley
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Bordeaux old town with FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ tours

About France Off The Beaten Path Tours

Celebrating 30 years Dedicated To Tour Travel In France and Now Egypt






A remarkable journey began 30 years ago in the heart of France when American Christy Destremau arrived in Provence. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream to uncover France’s hidden treasures and share them with the world, she took a leap of faith. She transformed her vision of travel into sharing authentic experiences in France with travelers. Her dream led to the birth of France Off the Beaten Path Tours. Her boutique tour company has redefined the art of experiencing France through its unique and immersive small-group tours. Since its founding, the company has been a beacon of authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences that encapsulate the soul of France.


Tours That Don’t Feel Like a Tour

Step into the enchanting world of Christy’s tours, where she and her team unveil the essence of France. The company prides itself on offering a personalized and intimate exploration of France, going beyond the typical tourist hot spots and delving into the heart of the country’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. The company’s small group tours are meticulously designed to provide travelers with a genuine and unforgettable experience, allowing them to discover the lesser-known gems of France in combination with immersive excursions with local French friends, chefs, artisan and artist partners, and wine-makers. The company offers a distinct perspective on exploring France far beyond the ordinary.

Christy’s insatiable curiosity and a deep-rooted love for France inspired her to design tour experiences that reflect her passion for this magical country and unique travel philosophy. With a desire to share her profound connection to the country with fellow travelers, Christy embarked on a mission to curate unique experiences that would unveil the authentic spirit of France. Christy and her entire team pride themselves on offering small group tours that don’t feel like tours but instead feel like personalized adventures among friends that delve into France’s heart and soul. With a focus on immersive experiences, the company goes beyond typical tourist attractions, sharing France’s culture, traditions, and beauty, setting the stage for travelers to connect with the heart of the country easily in a way that transcends the ordinary tourist experience. Christy and her team provide an insider’s view of France, creating unforgettable memories for guests.

Christy’s unwavering passion for uncovering the hidden treasures of France and sharing salacious and tangy history, a tumultuous one that has shaped France into a modern-day treasure, remains paramount. Her deep-rooted love for the country has driven her to foster meaningful relationships with local French chefs, wine-makers, artists, and artisans who have become more than just partners over her 30 years in France. They have become family friends and exemplify the magnificence of France and its culture. Her relationships have allowed the company to offer unparalleled authenticity through her meticulously designed itineraries. Each tour treats travelers to exclusive experiences only a true insider can deliver. Travelers also figuratively walk through history to relive the thrilling details of historical events, adding depth and richness to their journey. Ensuring every tour is unforgettable, fun, and enlightening. Read more about Christy here.

French travel newspaper mentioning FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ tours

As you contemplate your next journey, consider this: What if your trip to France could be more than just a visit? What if it could be an experience that delves into the soul of the country, revealing its hidden wonders and untold stories, and transforms your visit into an experience above and beyond your every dream? With France Off the Beaten Path Tours, you can unlock the secrets of France, forge connections that transcend the ordinary, create memories that will last a lifetime, and make new friends along the way. Are you ready to embark on a journey unlike any other?

France Off the Beaten Path Tours invites you to join them on a voyage of discovery, where an exceptional story unfolds daily on tour, unveiling the allure of France in all its splendor. Experience the magic of France through the eyes of Christy and her team, true insiders, and savor the authenticity of this remarkable country they call home.

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More than just a tour, France Off the Beaten Path transforms the entire guest experience into a personalized and exclusive “unparalleled” active, cultural affair that far exceeds guest expectations every time! We connect guests with our lifelong, local French friends who rank among France’s top-rated chefs, specialty artisans, artists, wine producers, hotel & castle owners, and entertainers!

An Exceptional Team of Tour Guides

In addition to leading many tours herself, Christy has selected a handful of tour guides to work alongside her. Like Christy, France Off the Beaten Path tour guides are American and French, multi-lingual, and reside in France. They bring a wealth of local information and history to enrich each guest’s individual experience. Company Tour guides have personally been selected for their comprehensive understanding of French and Anglophone culture, and have a talent for being able to blend the two cultures to ensure memorable experiences for France Off the Beaten Path Tour guests. Many have been elected to some of the most prestigious tourism offices in France, and have also been awarded UNESCO accolades for their cultural work in France.

Christy, the founder of FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ with tour quests in a restaurant

France Off the Beaten Path Tour Company guides are also contributing authors to prominent guidebooks including Rick Steve’s Provence Guide Book, Best of France Guide, and PJ Adams’ France Travel series, to name a few. The key ingredient to a successful tour is the guide, and France Off the Beaten Path Tour guides have been recognized for their talent, knowledge, and professionalism. You will find that Christy and her team are wonderful traveling companions whose knowledge, and sense of fun and a positive attitude make each tour day a wonderful experience.

Expert Professional English speaking American guides who live in France, superlative guest service, inspiring itineraries, deluxe historical hotel accommodations, sumptuous French meals, regional wines, and comfortable transportation are of the highest standard on every France Off the Beaten Path Tour. Each tour itinerary is comprised of a variety of engaging activities and enriching experiences for guests to authentically discover the heart and soul of each region. Participate in cooking classes with local friends who are celebrity Master, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Michelin-star chefs, and who look forward to welcoming you to their family homes, professional kitchens, and workshops, as a group of friends.

Christy, the founder of FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ with her Provence Team of Guides.

About France Off The Beaten Path™ – 30 Years in France

Shop at weekly village markets where OTBP tour guides introduce you to our French friends who are olive oil and wine producers, artists, cheese-makers, herb and spice vendors, craftsmen, perfumery and linen artisans, and designers. Walk the same countryside and vineyard trails frequented by regional French residents and their families. Enjoy the slow road scenery walking local country trails through vineyards, flower fields of lavender, poppies, and sunflowers, olive and fruit orchards, and small historic villages. Tour castles, pre-historic caves, and other historical monuments and sites with knowledgeable, professional UNESCO award-winning guides. Dine in the same gourmet restaurants and bistros, as the locals do; where the chefs are our personal friends and set aside a special table uniquely to welcome you. Built in leisure time provides guests with opportunities to pursue independent interests and activities or to break away from the group for some quiet or personal time.

Christy, the founder of FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ with her husband

Every tour offers daily options with varying levels of activeness and options.

Tour guests always have the flexibility of deciding how each day unfolds. OTBP tour guides sit down with the group every day to discuss the activities, excursions, walks, local events, and options of the day. With so many options available during each tour, the company assures guests the flexibility to be as active as one chooses (more walking, less walking, shopping time, cultural discovery, people watching, photography, etc.), and to also enjoy leisure time to pursue independent interests, all while enjoying the perks of traveling in a small group. OTBP tour guides take care and manage the daily logistics and details while you, our guest, spend your time on the important stuff — having fun, relaxing and enjoying your vacation your way! The idea behind each OTBP tour is to appeal to the discerning traveler of all ages and backgrounds who seeks something new and different, and who wants to reach out and discover something inspiring.

man posing on a tractor beside the lavender field

About France Off The Beaten Path Tours – 30 Years in France

Whether joining an OTBP regularly scheduled, small group tour to Provence, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux wine country, or requesting a private, custom designed tour to one of these regions of France, OTBP ensures that each itinerary is inspiring, and that each guest experience is unique and personalized. You’ll find Testimonials of guest satisfaction on both our guest Feedback page, and sprinkled throughout the website.

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Photos of our France Off the Beaten Path Tours Team in Action

Doing What We Love Together … We couldn’t Do It Without You

Thank You For Choosing To Discover France With Us!




A WORD FROM Our Guests:

Exceeded Our Expectations!

“This trip to the Loire Valley exceeded our expectations! Christy planned unique and interesting excursions and activities that highlighted the beauty of the area and provided in-depth background knowledge about the various chateaux we visited. The cooking classes with renowned chefs, held in their restaurants and homes, were never-to-be forgotten experiences, and the visit to the winery was a highlight. The hotel was delightful and charming, and staying in one location for the entire time was a treat. Every meal or cocktail hour was planned to highlight the delicious specialties of the region. Christy is extremely knowledgeable about the various places we visited and imparted that knowledge in an interesting and entertaining manner. She and Remi took great care to ensure that we were always comfortable and well-looked after. We could not have asked for a better trip!” — Ron Rose & Sharon Matsumoto (Have done Provence tour and Loire Valley tour)

This was my third trip in the same number of years

“This was my third trip in the same number of years with Christy and Off the Beaten Path. While on her trips you can tell how much effort there is on the off season to make every single week perfect. From the pick up at the train station to the teary goodbye at the airport, everything is perfectly planned and executed. The hotel in St. Remy is magical, and the tour guides Philippe and David are exceptional. If you are considering a trip with OTBP, go for it and come home with new friends, a love of Provence and a longing to return as soon as you can!” — Beth Bower (Has done Provence tour twice and Loire Valley tour)

The Best Tour Company!

“I have done two tours – Provence and Loire Valley – and I am already looking forward to booking another. The tours are all perfectly curated and Christy is a wealth of knowledge. She is so kind and takes all of your needs and wants into consideration. I cannot recommend Off the Beaten Path enough!” — Madison Carl (Has done Provence and Loire Valley tours)

“We did the Provence tour. 8/2019. I had taken the tour 2017 & this time my husband came with me. It was just as fabulous this time as it was in 2017. Restaurants, picnic, sights, wine, all of it just delightful, but the frosting on the cake is a the knowledge, insight, humor, & attention to detail from David & Philippe. To us, they make a great trip soooo much fun. (also, 3 of our neighbors joined us this tour). Don’t hesitate, take this tour & enjoy!!!!!” — Jim & Carol Dean (Carol has done Provence tour twice)

Returning to Provence with France Off the Beaten Path

“I wanted to return to Provence as soon as it was open. I had toured with Christy in Loire Valley in 2019 and knew I wanted to travel with her again. For the second time, everything was well organized, personal and definitely off the beaten path. Christy and Phillippe have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to share. The hotel was perfectly located in St Remy, the tours to the lavender and sunflower fields are my favorite memory. The lunches and dinners were like visiting friends. The boat tour in Cassis was another highlight. Even though I had visited Provence, this trip with France Off the Beaten Path brought a new appreciation for the area.” — Susan Gage (Has done Loire Valley tour, Provence tour, Champagne tour)

“We had an excellent tour with Christie and her crew in the Loire valley. We did things that only a true insider would have access to-dinner at a Michelin chefs house, helping/learning to cook at a highly rated restaurant in their kitchen. This was in addition to seeing the sights and touring the castles. A truly unique experience that is off the beaten path. We will use her again when going back to France.” — Karen Berner (Has done Loire Valley tour)