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Astonishing lavender fields
Bridge in Provence, Provence walking tour
On of the enchanting castles in Loire Valley
Sunflower field in Provence by FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™
authentic buildings, Provence walking tour with FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH™ tours
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Beautiful old castle - Lorie Valley tour. Check 2024 Loire Valley Tour dates
Cute and rustic coffeshop inside the old town and rustic buildings - Provence walking tour


Small Group Tours in France

Creating Exceptional Experiences for Discerning Travelers




Walking Tours in France – Traveling with Us is all about the Experience!


  • Active, small group walking, cultural, wine, and gourmet touring is a magical, active experience brought to life thanks to 28 years of expertise in France.
  • Our extensive first-hand knowledge acquired from more than two decades of living and working locally in France is priceless, serving as the foundation upon which we’ve built our exclusive tour itineraries.
  • Celebrating 29 years in 2023 leading tours EXCLUSIVELY in France, we have been featured extensively in the international press, as one of the world’s leading active, small group, luxury tour companies in France.
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2019 France Tour Dates 2019 Tour PricesWhat Makes Us “One-of-a-Kind” in a Class of our Own?


Why Choose France Off the Beaten Path Tours? Walking Tours in France — Each season more and more Off The Beaten Path tour guests return for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th small group active walking tour with us in France. It is an honor to be selected, as the #1 small group tour operator of choice by both prominent travel magazines and travelers like you. Everything we do, from selecting the most beautiful destinations within France, to ensuring the highest level of hospitality you expect, results in a truly outstanding and exclusive travel experience on each of our small group walking tours in France.

Get In On What Experienced Travelers Have Known For Years!


Small group touring is about so much more than just being part of a small group environment! Small Group touring is also all about…

  • the exceptional customer service we provide,
  • charming gifts we include,
  • surprise extras during every tour, and
  • value added and personalized services that make guests feel like a welcomed friend during our tours rather than another voucher toting tourist.

Why Choose France Off the Beaten Path Tours? Small Group, Cultural, Walking Tours in France –

  • Travel in a truly personalized, small group, a maximum 12-16 travelers per tour!
  • Discover and experience France at your own pace with daily options available on each tour!
  • We take care of every detail during your tour travel with us, allowing you to have fun and enjoy your vacation your way.
  • We ensure that each itinerary is inspiring, and that each guest’s experience is unique and personalized.

Our tours are active travel planned by enthusiasts who value creativity, exploration and enjoying the finer things in life!

France Off the Beaten Path Tours are Recommended by Best Selling Author PJ Adams!!




More than just a tour, France Off the Beaten Path transforms the entire guest experience into a personalized and exclusive “unparalleled” active, cultural affair that far exceeds guest expectations every time! We connect guests with our lifelong, local French friends who rank among France’s top-rated chefs, specialty artisans, artists, wine producers, hotel & castle owners, and entertainers!

Why Choose Off the Beaten Path Walking Tours in France?




  • EXPERT AWARD-WINNING LEADERSHIP – Off the Beaten Path Tour guides are Americans with dual nationality (American-French citizenship), are multi-lingual, and reside in France. They bring a wealth of local information, knowledge of culture and history to enrich each guest’s experience, and have been selected for their comprehensive understanding of French culture. Guides are UNESCO award winners, authors, and prominent figures in the community. They are passionate about ensuring that your experience is unique, authentically French, and exceeds your expectations. You will find that Off the Beaten Path guides are wonderful traveling companions, whose knowledge, sense of fun, and positive attitude make each day a wonderful experience.
  • FLEXIBILITY –  All of our tours offer a lot of flexibility and daily options to BOTH walkers and non-walkers. Each day, you decide how involved you would like to be with the group and/or in which activities you would like to participate. There are daily alternatives for those who would like to spend more time on their own exploring or pursuing a specific interest. Enjoy the group ambiance and activities while also enjoying the freedom to break away from the group when you feel like it. Participate in every activity or pick and choose as you wish.
  • DAILY WALKING – scheduled walks (for interested guests):  All of our tours feature walking options daily whether it be an optional scheduled walk for interested guests or leisure walking at markets and historic monuments or in villages.


Provence Tours feature three optional, scenic walks through the most beautiful areas of Provence.

Bordeaux Tours feature an exceptional vineyard trail walk in St. Emilion, and a cultural/history walk of both Arcachon and Bordeaux.

Loire Valley Tours feature 1 optional walk along one of the most beautiful rivers and historical castles of the Loire region.


  • COOKING CLASSES with Michelin-rated, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Master Chefs. NO experience is necessary.  Whether cooking with one of our famous friends at home or in his/her professional kitchen, each culinary class experience offers fun and exclusive opportunities to discover regional cuisine with the “crème de la crème” of the French culinary world. Provence Tours feature one cooking class and a chocolate making lesson, Bordeaux Tours feature one cooking, and bread baking class, and Loire Valley tours feature two cooking classes, one in a professional working kitchen, and the other at home with 2 of France’s highest ranked Chefs.
  • VIP WINERY TOURS & WINE TASTING at the most beautiful world-renowned chateaux and wine producing estates of our friends. From the most famous to the undiscovered “gems” of each region, our wine-maker friends and industry experts take the mystery out of the sometimes daunting world of French wine in a friendly, relaxed environment that is equally welcoming to wine novices and advanced connoisseurs.
  • PRIVATELY GUIDED TOURS of historical monuments and castles. We blend historical facts with ludic stories, anecdotes, and legends that have been passed from generation to generation about important French events and French beliefs to ensure a fun, yet fact-filled experience. Loire Valley tours feature privately commentated tours at all of the castles listed in the itinerary.
  • A VARIETY OF OPTIONS available daily for “non-walkers”: Options include shopping, leisure time, specialty visits with local artisans, guided tours of a museum and/or historical monument. Many more active experiences are available during each trip.
  • THE FINEST DELUXE, BOUTIQUE HOTELS. Each Tour features a balance between sumptuous gourmet Michelin-rated and traditional bistrot meals, fabulous wines, exclusive excursions and activities, deluxe transportation, and our personally selected Conde Nast recommended boutique hotels owned and operated by local friends.

calvadosWhy Choose Off the Beaten Path Walking Tours in France?

Our Commitment to Ensuring Inspiring Itineraries, Exceptional Quality, and Excellent Value!!


  • ITINERARIES ARE DESIGNED TO SHARE THE VERY BEST OF EACH REGION – Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? Our Provence, Loire Valley, Bordeaux wine country, and Champagne tours include luxurious, boutique hotel accommodations that reflect the heart and soul of each region, and offer complete modern amenities. Tours feature uniquely designed, spectacular theme walks, Michelin-rated gourmet and bistro style dining at the best restaurants. We include visits to local artisan workshops owned by local friends, shopping at the finest artisan and craft markets, cooking classes at homes and private workshops of Michelin-rated, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Master Chefs; all are personal friends. Our Chefs welcome guests as a group of friends traveling together.
  • ALL TOURS ARE RUN BY US HERE AT FRANCE OFF THE BEATEN PATH! The company does NOT subcontract any of its tours. Many OTBP tours are owner led, and some are led by professional tour guides who work exclusively for OTBP, who have been hand-picked based on very strict criteria. OTBP guides have been working as part of our OTBP team for a minimum of 10 years. Our guides are also published authors and UNESCO award winners.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES – Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? Since all OTBP English speaking tour guides reside in France, we do NOT have to incorporate any international air transportation, lodging, or food costs for tour guides into prices. This means we pass on even greater savings to travelers, and can guarantee OTBP luxurious quality tour experiences at even more competitive and better value prices.
  • ALL WINES INCLUDED – Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? We include all classified wines at group meals. We also include all non-alcoholic beverages at group meals. We ensure guests have the beverage of choice at our group meals. There are NEVER additional drink costs passed on to guests, because it’s all included in the tour price!
  • MOST MEALS INCLUDED – Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? Our small group lunches and dinners are comprised of a combination of set menus elaborated for our groups. Meals reflect the cuisine of the region. Guests also order off the menu, and enjoy select gourmet menus that feature a Chef’s local, seasonal specialties. We are constantly told that our restaurant selections are one of many highlights of our tours! We also accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten allergies and other special dietary requests, allergies and needs.
  • ESTABLISHED, PROPRIETARY RELATIONSHIPS — Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? We are proud to be the only tour company operating in France with proprietary relationships with all wineries, chefs, restaurants, service providers and bistros featured on our small group tours.  Each tour includes unique experiences thanks to our exclusive and privileged network of contacts and French friends, and our outstanding reputation in France. All chefs, restaurants and bistrots selected for OTBP tours are Michelin-rated or have been featured and recommended by top “foodie” magazines or fellow Michelin-star Chefs. OTBP tours feature dining in both gourmet restaurants and favorite hide-a-ways.
  • NEGOTIATED THE BEST RATES WITH ITS FRENCH PARTNERS — Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? We ensure the best active, luxury, and authentic French experience at the best value tour prices available in the tour industry. Living and working locally in France with professionals who are personal friends for 22 years affords us the leverage to design exceptional itineraries at value prices that far exceed the offerings of multi-destination and non-France based tour companies.
  • THE LOWEST SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS — Why Choose Off the Beaten Path? We have the lowest single supplements in the France tour industry thanks to established relationships with partner hotels. Our single supplement fees cover exact hotel single occupancy fees charged. We do NOT charge a single supplement for profit, NEVER.
  • FEATURING TRUE SMALL GROUP TRAVEL – Why Choose Off the Beaten Path?  The maximum group size on OTBP tours is 16 guests per tour date, a true small group, and 12 guests on specialty tours. Limiting group sizes creates the ideal ambiance for guests to easily mingle and get to know other guests, yet still maintain independence. OTBP also limits its groups to a maximum of 16 guests per tour date in order to preserve each guest’s personalized experience, and ensure its famous quality customer service.

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A WORD FROM Our Guests:

Exceeded Our Expectations!

“This trip to the Loire Valley exceeded our expectations! Christy planned unique and interesting excursions and activities that highlighted the beauty of the area and provided in-depth background knowledge about the various chateaux we visited. The cooking classes with renowned chefs, held in their restaurants and homes, were never-to-be forgotten experiences, and the visit to the winery was a highlight. The hotel was delightful and charming, and staying in one location for the entire time was a treat. Every meal or cocktail hour was planned to highlight the delicious specialties of the region. Christy is extremely knowledgeable about the various places we visited and imparted that knowledge in an interesting and entertaining manner. She and Remi took great care to ensure that we were always comfortable and well-looked after. We could not have asked for a better trip!” — Ron Rose & Sharon Matsumoto (Have done Provence tour and Loire Valley tour)

This was my third trip in the same number of years

“This was my third trip in the same number of years with Christy and Off the Beaten Path. While on her trips you can tell how much effort there is on the off season to make every single week perfect. From the pick up at the train station to the teary goodbye at the airport, everything is perfectly planned and executed. The hotel in St. Remy is magical, and the tour guides Philippe and David are exceptional. If you are considering a trip with OTBP, go for it and come home with new friends, a love of Provence and a longing to return as soon as you can!” — Beth Bower (Has done Provence tour twice and Loire Valley tour)

The Best Tour Company!

“I have done two tours – Provence and Loire Valley – and I am already looking forward to booking another. The tours are all perfectly curated and Christy is a wealth of knowledge. She is so kind and takes all of your needs and wants into consideration. I cannot recommend Off the Beaten Path enough!” — Madison Carl (Has done Provence and Loire Valley tours)

“We did the Provence tour. 8/2019. I had taken the tour 2017 & this time my husband came with me. It was just as fabulous this time as it was in 2017. Restaurants, picnic, sights, wine, all of it just delightful, but the frosting on the cake is a the knowledge, insight, humor, & attention to detail from David & Philippe. To us, they make a great trip soooo much fun. (also, 3 of our neighbors joined us this tour). Don’t hesitate, take this tour & enjoy!!!!!” — Jim & Carol Dean (Carol has done Provence tour twice)

Returning to Provence with France Off the Beaten Path

“I wanted to return to Provence as soon as it was open. I had toured with Christy in Loire Valley in 2019 and knew I wanted to travel with her again. For the second time, everything was well organized, personal and definitely off the beaten path. Christy and Phillippe have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to share. The hotel was perfectly located in St Remy, the tours to the lavender and sunflower fields are my favorite memory. The lunches and dinners were like visiting friends. The boat tour in Cassis was another highlight. Even though I had visited Provence, this trip with France Off the Beaten Path brought a new appreciation for the area.” — Susan Gage (Has done Loire Valley tour, Provence tour, Champagne tour)

“We had an excellent tour with Christie and her crew in the Loire valley. We did things that only a true insider would have access to-dinner at a Michelin chefs house, helping/learning to cook at a highly rated restaurant in their kitchen. This was in addition to seeing the sights and touring the castles. A truly unique experience that is off the beaten path. We will use her again when going back to France.” — Karen Berner (Has done Loire Valley tour)