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About France Off The Beaten Path Tours – 23 Years in France!

France Off The Beaten Path Tour Company – 23 Years in France!

Celebrating 23 years in 2017 dedicated to tour travel in FRANCE — We know France Best!!

TOUR TRAVEL in France is our specialty!!

LUX 2017 Tourism Award Winner **Best FRENCH TOURING COMPANY!**

Trustpilot Says Guests Love Our Tours!

About France Off The Beaten Path – 23 Years in France!

About Off the Beaten Path, LLC – the Company

France Off the Beaten Path Tour CompanyUnrivaled expertise and specialization exclusively in active tour travel within France plus superior customer service and exceptional value for price, set Off the Beaten Path, LLC a part from other tour companies. Off the Beaten Path, LLC (OTBP) is American owned and operated with offices in the USA and France! Founded and helmed by American author and photographer, Christy Destremau, who also holds French citizenship, and has been living an authentic, French life immersed in French culture for over 2 decades, Off the Beaten Path, LLC celebrates 23 years in 2017 designing and delivering engaging small group, walking, gourmet foodie, wine, culinary, and cultural tours exclusively in France!

Travel writers and magazines call France Off the Beaten Path Tours the best rated guided tours of Provence – southern France, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, and Champagne. OTBP small group France tours offer travelers the very BEST, and most inspiring and exclusive itineraries comprised of cultural “insider” experiences and active excursions to discover Provence, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, and Champagne, France.

France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyCome enjoy exceptional quality and excellent value on an OTBP small group tour today! Travelers and publications alike rate Off the Beaten Path Tours the BEST active, small group tours in France thanks to the unparalleled “insider” experiences included in each tour itinerary. The company’s “insider” relationships with local French chefs, artisans, and cultural industry professionals places the company in a very exclusive position to create its one-of-a-kind itineraries to experience the very BEST of France! Whether you’re a seasoned small group tour traveler, or new to the small group tour scene, Off the Beaten Path tours offer fun, enriching, interactive, local, and authentic French experiences and activities for everyone!


More than just a tour, France Off the Beaten Path transforms the entire guest experience into a personalized and exclusive “unparalleled” active, cultural affair that far exceeds guest expectations every time!  We connect guests with our lifelong, local French friends who rank among France’s top rated chefs, specialty artisans, artists, wine producers, hotel & castle owners, and entertainers!

Provence Tour Guest Testimonial… 

“Off the Beaten Track, Right on the Money” from Jim Butts

  “I’ve toured twice with Off the Beaten Track, and would gladly do so again. Their tours are fun, affordable, enjoyable and hassle-free. Here’s what i find to be most outstanding: 1. Their itineraries. I went with them to Provence and Bordeaux, and feel that, with only a reasonable investment of time, I was able to capture the essence of these two iconic and storied globally-renown destinations. 2. The guides – always a key factor in travel comfort, security and enjoyment. Their guides are intelligent, personable, warm, professional and organized. They take away all the stress and possible chaos of traveling abroad, and become funny, friendly, worldly companions. 3. The convenience – you stay in one world-class resort (so you get the benefit of a cruise with only one “unpacking”),. The places we stayed in both Provence and Bordeaux were high-quality properties with superb meals and excellent wines which were representative of the local cuisine, tastes, crops and vintages. 4. The variety of activities and the enrichment opportunities. The best of sightseeing, experiencing the local markets, dining, tastings, interacting with the locals, mixed in with optional afternoon “hikes” (pleasure walks to work off the delicious breakfasts and lunches). Travel for me is one part “where you go” and two parts “who you become as a result”. France Off the Beaten Path has twice allowed me to experience and enjoy “exotic’ places with which I am niow both very fond and familiar. Their unique approach and personnel create spectacular and fulfilling travel memories.” Click here to read Jim’s complete independent review on our Trustpilot page… (opens in a new window) 


Christy DestremauAn established American living in France, Christy Destremau’s story began when she settled in Provence, France with her French husband more than 2 decades ago. Equipped with an extensive education from a US university and a background in French history, language, and international relations, plus a clear understanding of French culture and traditions, Christy launched Off the Beaten Path, LLC and her France Off the Beaten Path Tours. Encouraged by family and friends, who admired her passion for and knowledge of this historically and culturally rich country, Christy has been featured as a France travel specialist in travel magazines and guides. Christy currently lives in western France, and most recently, has been recognized by Best selling author PJ Adams, as the main contributor and France travel specialist in her latest book – Intoxicating Greater Paris – Loire, Valley of the Kings.


France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyChristy’s extensive network of professional connections and personal friends in France is the key to her “exclusive” and unparalleled tour itineraries setting France Off the Beaten Path small group tours well above the offerings of other tour companies. Christy recognizes that no one can specialize in everything, and she has actively chosen to specialize exclusively in small group travel and small group touring within her adopted home country of France!

When Christy launched Off the Beaten Path, LLC, she made a conscious decision and commitment to focus her time, energy, and “savoir-faire” on specializing exclusively on what she knows best; active, small group walking, wine, cultural and gourmet food tour travel in France. Though many industry professionals have tried to recruit her to broaden France Off the Beaten Path’s tour offerings into other countries, Christy has remained steadfast and committed to delivering what she loves; creating and delivering the finest personalized itineraries of the very best “insider” experiences in France.

France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyJoin us to share in active experiences with other like-minded travelers to experience “authentic France” in a small intimate group, led by her UNESCO award-winning team of guides! Christy’s team understands both French and Anglophone culture, and creating the perfect blend and balance between the two to ensure a memorable experience exceeding guest expectations is paramount.

About France Off The Beaten Path – 23 Years in France

France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyFrance Off the Beaten Path tour itineraries are comprised of the BEST active, small group tour experiences! Her commitment to ensuring exceptional and personalized itineraries, unparalleled customer service, and unsurpassed value has propelled Off the Beaten Path, LLC to the head of the tour industry. The company is repeatedly voted and awarded multiple professional accolades by nearly every top tier travel industry organization, as well as numerous travel magazines and journals worldwide.

Christy is also a published photographer having been featured in National Geographic, and spends her off season time traveling around France photographing the countryside. All photos published on this website, both slideshow photos and page content photos, are compliments of Christy. Her images reflect a distinct passion for France, the French, and having fun sharing “all that France has to offer” with tour travel guests. Many of Christy’s France and regional specific landscape and foodie images can be seen featured on other travel industry websites, as well as in print. She also contributes photography to hotel partners, who are personal family friends, for use on their professional websites. Considered a France destination expert and leading authority on French history, traditions and culture, she has authored and edited travel articles about France for prominent travel guides and magazines worldwide.

An Exceptional Team of Tour Guides

In addition to leading many tours herself, Christy has selected a handful of tour guides to work alongside her. Like Christy, France Off the Beaten Path tour guides are American, multi-lingual, and reside in France. They bring a wealth of local information and history to enrich each guest’s individual experience. Company Tour guides have personally been selected for their comprehensive understanding of French and Anglophone culture, and have a talent for being able to blend the two cultures to ensure memorable experiences for France Off the Beaten Path Tour guests. Many have been elected to some of the most prestigious tourism offices in France, and have also been awarded UNESCO accolades for their cultural work in France.

France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyFrance Off the Beaten Path Tour Company guides are also contributing authors to prominent guidebooks including Rick Steves Provence Guide Book, Best of France, and PJ Adams France Travel  series to name a few. The key ingredient to a successful tour is the guide, and France Off the Beaten Path Tour guides have been recognized for their talent, knowledge and professionalism. You will find that Christy and her team of tour guides are wonderful traveling companions, whose knowledge, and sense of fun, and positive attitude make each tour day a wonderful experience.

— About France Off The Beaten Path – 23 Years in France! —

Expert Professional English speaking American guides who live in France, superlative guest service, inspiring itineraries, deluxe historical hotel accommodations, sumptuous French meals, regional wines, and comfortable transportation are immutable standards on every Off the Beaten Path Tour. Each tour itinerary is comprised of a variety of engaging activities and enriching experiences for guests to authentically discover the heart and soul of each region. Participate in cooking classes with our friends who are celebrity Master, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Michelin-star chefs, and who look forward to your arrival, and make you feel welcome in their family homes, professional kitchens, and workshops as a group of friends.

France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyShop at weekly village markets where OTBP tour guides introduce you to local French friends who are olive oil and wine producers, artists, cheese-makers, herb and spice vendors, craftsmen, perfumery and linen artisans, and designers. Walk the same countryside and vineyard trails that local French do with their families. Enjoy the slow road scenery that comes with walking the local country trails through vineyards, flower fields of lavender, poppies, and sunflowers, olive and fruit orchards, and small historic villages. Tour castles, pre-historic caves, and other historical monuments and sites with our knowledgeable, professional UNESCO award winning guides. Dine in the same gourmet restaurants and bistros, as local French do — where the Michelin-star, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Master chefs are our personal friends, and set aside a special table uniquely to welcome our guests. Plus, built in leisure time provides guests opportunities to pursue independent interests and activities, or to just break away from the group for some quiet or personal time.

France Off The Beaten Path Tour CompanyEvery tour offers daily options with varying levels of activeness and options to choose from. Guests always have the flexibility of deciding how each day unfolds. OTBP tour guides sit down with the group every day to discuss the activities, excursions, walks, local events, and options of the day. With so many options available during each tour, the company ensures guests the flexibility to be as active as one chooses (more walking, less walking, shopping time, cultural discovery, people watching, photography, etc.), and to also enjoy leisure time to pursue independent interests, all while enjoying the perks of traveling in a small group.  OTBP tour guides take care and manage the daily logistics and details while you, our guest, spend your time on the important stuff — having fun, relaxing and enjoying your vacation your way! The idea behind each OTBP tour is to appeal to the discerning traveler of all ages and backgrounds who seeks something new and different, and who wants to reach out, and discover something inspiring.  — About France Off The Beaten Path – 23 Years in France!

Whether joining an OTBP regularly scheduled, small group tour to Provence, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux wine country, or Champagne, or requesting a private, custom designed tour to one of these regions of France, we ensure that each itinerary is inspiring, and that each guest experience is unique and personalized. You’ll find Testimonials of guest satisfaction on both our guest Feedback page, and sprinkled throughout the website. — About France Off The Beaten Path – 23 Years in France!

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