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 “Yes, we will clearly recommend this trip! Totally First Rate! This is a very high end experience. The wineries selected, the quality of meals, Antoine’s cooking class and dinner were amazing. Loved the small, personalized group. Our group was SUPERB! Christy you did a fabulous job of taking people who did not know one another and creating a cohesive group. THANKS!! The trip was expensive BUT worth it! It exceeded our expectations by so much!! What a fabulous and fun week this has been. It really passed by too quickly! Thank you again!!” — Doug & Peggy Brown, Bethlehem, PA – 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour

 “Yes, absolutely we will recommend the Bordeaux Tour!  The breathtaking beauty of the hotel upon our arrival in Bordeaux was only the first clue that this was going to be an amazing wine tasting tour experience. The Carbonnieux wine, the Haut Bailly lunch and the BBQ at Antoine’s were our favorites of the trip. Bordeaux was our 2nd trip with Christy, and we are so impressed with her quality and attention to detail. Every trip runs smoothly, the guests are delightful and hotel, meals and events are all 5 star! We are confident that recommending this trip to friends would be a trip of a lifetime. Picking lovely staff like Philippe, Hela and Remi adds to the charm of this unique trip. Thank you for another fun and memorable experience in France!  We’re coming back with you to the Loire Valley next time!” —Adam & Gretel CrumSan Clemente, California (Have been on 2 OTBP Tours – 2013 Best Adventures in Provence Tour, 2014 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Harvest Tour)

 “Yes, have been recommending your tours ever since I traveled on your Provence Tour in 2014 and will continue to do so. You and your guides are phenomenal – knowledgeable and very attentive!! Hikes, itinerary, wine tastings, food were all my favorites – this was a very unique group. For instance, when I travel as a single, I sometimes miss some events (especially dinners) as they can become tedious. I attended ALL on this trip! This trip has been amazing!! I really appreciate your company, and “applaud” your company! Thanks for another great adventure!” — Jim Butts, Wayzata, MN – Has traveled on 2 OTBP Tours – 2014 Best Adventures in Provence Tour and 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour 

 “Yes! We will highly recommend your Bordeaux Tour to friends and family. This experience far exceeded our every expectation more than we had ever imagined! We were talking with the Brown’s (OTBP added note – Brown’s also guests on this same tour), and we all agree that this is the very BEST organized Tour we have ever been on. We have never felt so at home everywhere we went. And, we especially thank you for making Volker’s birthday a truly special “day” – what great memories we’ve made. The feeling of connection with our surroundings, the people, your friends, has all been exceptional. And for your friends to open up their home to us for cooking class is really something very special for us to experience!  Thank you for a wonderful trip this week. We have had so much fun and made some new friends!” — Volker & Denise Oakey, Quakertown, PA – 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour

 “Yes, would definitely recommend to all our friends who are wine lovers! To be here at harvest time and be able to go behind the scenes was a real bonus. We loved the time in Saint Emilion. Guides were great! Very good language and communication skills about such a specific topic. Plus everyone was so personable. I loved having the option to only do part of the walks, and get picked up when I needed — Jim loved all of the walks!” — Jim & Mary Ann Arnott, Iola, KS – Have traveled on 2 OTBP Tours – 2015 Best Adventures in Provence Tour and 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour

 “Yes, we will for sure! Excellent value and amazing itinerary!! Loved the overall variety of spending time in each different wine producing area. All dining experiences were unique and varied. Cooking class with Antoine at his family home was a highlight and a personal favorite experience. Saint Emilion was our favorite day trip. Thank you for a job well done and amazing hospitality! We are so appreciative of what you have put into the week to create a truly special experience that exceeds our expectations.” — Scott & Skye LaChute, Seattle, WA – Have traveled on 2 OTBP Tours – 2015 Best Adventures in Provence Tour and 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour – PLUS

 “Yes we would definitely recommend the trip! Tour guides were great! Loved all the walks. Saint Emilion was our favorite village. Our transportation was always comfortable. And how great to have been a part of such a friendly group! Thank you Christy, this trip was as everyone has said “amazing!” So great to meet you and spend the week being behind the scenes. You have some very good connections to the wine world and we thank you for welcoming into your world!” — Russ Oloffson and Paula DeBenedetto, Scottsdale, AZ – 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour

 “Yes Absolutely! And we have! Every detail is perfect! Christy is marvelous, as are her partners. Food, wine, accommodations and service all top notch. No hitches, no glitches! We LOVED everything! Impossible to isolate any one thing. This was a trip of a lifetime! Thank you for another wonderful tour and we were so happy to see you again.” — Andy & Marianne Friedman, Scottsdale, AZ – Have traveled on 2 OTBP Tours – 2010 Best Adventures in Provence Tour and 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour 

 “YES, though it caters to more “high end” travelers, it might limit to whom we could recommend. The meals were fantastic. The tours and guides were top notch. Although we thought it was somewhat expensive at first, we really got value for the money! Thank you Christy for making this a memorable trip!” — The Kazda’s (Joe & Sue), Houston, TX – returning for their 2nd OTBP tour in 2017 – Provence Tour!

 “Yes definitely to those who enjoy fine wines!  We really enjoyed learning about the winery process and the uniqueness of each producer. Really enjoyed the different fine wines and all the good food! Thank you again for such a memorable time!” — Ken and Bobby Gilpin, Iola, KS – Have traveled on 2 OTBP Tours – 2015 Best Adventures in Provence Tour and 2015 Bordeaux Grand Cru Wine Tasting & Walking Tour

 “Yes, we will! We LOVED it all! Christy, you run a first class operation! You take care of your guests and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. I loved all the winery tours, meals and especially cooking with Antoine in his home. Your choice of wines was perfect! Everything was excellent!!” — Dov & Susanna Goldstein, NYC, NY (members of the Commanderie de Bordeaux NYC)

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A WORD FROM Our Guests:

“This was my third trip in the same number of years with Christy and Off the Beaten Path. While on her trips you can tell how much effort there is on the off season to make every single week perfect. From the pick up at the train station to the teary goodbye at the airport, everything is perfectly planned and executed. The hotel in St. Remy is magical, and the tour guides Philippe and David are exceptional. If you are considering a trip with OTBP, go for it and come home with new friends, a love of Provence and a longing to return as soon as you can!” — Beth Bower

“We had an excellent tour with Christie and her crew in the Loire valley. We did things that only a true insider would have access to-dinner at a Michelin chefs house, helping/learning to cook at a highly rated restaurant in their kitchen. This was in addition to seeing the sights and touring the castles. A truly unique experience that is off the beaten path. We will use her again when going back to France.” — Karen Berner

“France Off the Beaten Path was so great the first time that I had to return to Off The Beaten Path for a repeat visit. Everyone that works for Christy is excellent and full of life. Loved their tours to Van Gough, Dinner at Catherine’s home, picnic in the woods, wineries – And the only max at 16. So we really got to know each other. Highly recommend.” — Lauren

“Outstanding tour of truly beautiful areas of Provence by a very friendly and knowledgeable guide who spoke perfect English. Gorgeous accomodation, very special restaurant experiences, and an effort made to avoid arriving at tourist hotspots with the hordes made it all the more enjoyable.” — Geoff & Lorrene Evans