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Tour Provence Markets – Provence Tour Experiencing Southern France!

Thanks to our famous lavender season, and sunflower season, in southern France, many travelers target June and July as the ideal months to plan a trip to Provence; however, the months of April, May, August, September, and October also deliver equally spectacular and memorable experiences! True… June and July are the months to visit Provence, if you’ve dreamt of seeing bountiful lavender and sunflower fields in bloom, or enjoying the holistic benefits of breathing the naturally aromatic summer air of Provence during lavender season. But, if you’re unfamiliar with Provence outside of the gorgeous photos featured in travel magazines, or have only read about the magic and mystic of the region in books and articles, it’s not easy to decide, based on your own individual interests, when the best time of the year might be to visit Provence.

Each month in Provence offers unique experiences…

Each month in Provence offers unique experiences that can only be enjoyed during specific periods of the year, and you might want to consider your own travel interests in combination with these various seasonal events to decide on the best month for your travel. Provence art and craft markets top the list of “must do” experiences of the region, and attract travelers from around the globe all season long. Market days vary from village to village and town to town; each hosting market one dedicated day of the week (a couple of days a week in larger cities). The experiences also vary month to month based on what vegetables and fruits are in season, what flowers are blooming and/or what special events, art expositions, artisan and craft shows might be scheduled in a particular village or town.

Tour Provence Markets - Provence Tour Experiencing Southern France!

No matter the period of the year, Provence yields unforgettable memories, and engaging experiences!

Tourist season in southern France officially launches around Easter holiday, and concludes late October. The most notable signs of the new season appear at the local outdoor markets. April and May are perfect for travelers who appreciate cooler spring temperatures and fewer crowds. Plus travelers enjoy the bonus of witnessing poppy season, and endless fields of them, across Provence. The resurgence of artisan, craft, and foodie markets breath new life into the villages and towns after the winter slumber. As the Provence market scene returns to life, vendors, artisans, artists, seamstresses, and other craftsmen begin showcasing new products and labors of love they created, designed, and completed during winter hibernation. Everything from locally hand-made table linens, clothing, jewelry, hats, scarves, home decor, olive wood products, essential oils, soaps, and shoes in addition to foodie products, such as honey, olives, gourmet spreads, locally grown seasonal vegetables and fruits become available in ample quantity.

The market scene of June and July bustles…

The market scene of June and July bustles, as we head full swing into cherry, asparagus, cantaloupe, and lavender season. You’ll easily find anything and everything lavender at the markets. August in Provence is an excellent month for those wanting to experience Provence during summer, but prefer to avoid the warmer temperatures typical of June and July. Lavender ice cream tops the snack menus at the markets and in village cafes during summer. And while the Mediterranean coast buzzes with vacationers crowding to the beaches, August inland is often cooler and less crowded. Village markets are at their peak, and vendors prepare for the arrival of the harvest period.

Provence markets of late summer through autumn feature a cultural experience different from spring and summer.

Wine-makers begin the grape harvest late August and pick through September readying their estates to produce the next vintage. Wine tasting at the market becomes more popular. September is also synonymous with various village festivals to celebrate the rice harvest. Fig dishes and pumpkin soup dominate local menus. And to top off autumn activities, olive harvest from October into November concludes the traditional tourism season in Provence. As the season draws to a close, local talent retreats to their workshops and galleries to prepare for next season, and patiently await the next spring launch.

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Tour Provence Markets – Provence Tour Experiencing Southern France!

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