Top 5 Picks – St. Remy-de-Provence


Top 5 Picks – St. Remy-de-Provence

Eating, Tasting, Eating, Tasting and then let’s do all over again tomorrow…restaurant after restaurant – an obligation I’ll always love!!

Top 5 Favorite Restaurant Picks for St. Remy-de-Provence

Top 5 Picks –  St. Remy-de-Provence – Going to the restaurant or “eating out” remains one of my favorite job obligations!! I love trying new restaurants, as well as frequenting my trusty favorites on a regular basis. Since many of our Best Adventures in Provence® Tour guests often ask for our recommendations on where to eat for their two independent dining evenings of the tour, it’s my greatest pleasure to share my favorite places! I love to try new establishments, return to old favorites, and update our list of suggestions regularly. Restaurant ownership changes hands frequently in St; Remy de Provence, and that makes it even more important to keep our list of recommendations fresh and updated. Enjoy our selection, and please don’t hesitate to email us, if you have questions or would like more details on any of these establishments!

Top 5 Picks - St. Remy-de-Provence

These are some of the restaurants we recommend Tour guests try during their 2 free dinner evenings. Each offers a very unique experience with lots of fun, local flare!

  1. UPDATE AS OF SPRING 2016! Mr. Perraud has retired and his restaurant La Maison Jaune is now closed and for sale! Once the best address in town for a fabulous gourmet Provence gourmet meal, Mr. Perraud decided to retire and as of Oct. 2015 closed the restaurant.
  2. Restaurant at Hotel de Tourrel – Located in the center of St. Remy just a hop skip and a jump from the Musée des Alpilles, Centre d’Art Présence Van Gogh, Musée Estrine and the Collégiale Saint-Martin, owner Ralph Hüsgen has found a dream of a chef in Benoit Fauci.  Everything we tried and tasted from our scrumptuous “amuse bouche” called the palate teaser to the main course, a lovely lamb dish, and finally, “les pieces de resistance,” our desserts, confirm that Benoit executes each dish with a confirmed “savoir-faire” often seen only in chefs with decades of experience! We chose a local classified white wine to accompany our meal and again, only the best served here. Prices – $$$
  3. Da Peppe – Owned and run by the daughter of Jean-Pierre Ricci, a local St. Remois, and owner of L’Aile ou La Cuisse (see #4), prepares the very best “wood-fired” thin crust, gourmet pizzas I have ever tasted. While their menu (called “la carte” in French) also offers meat based dishes, pastas etc, the main appeal here for me, is the pizza! The sauce tastes so fresh, almost like they stomped the tomatoes that very morning to ensure an authentic home-made freshness. The cheese and pesto on my pizza oozed an abundance of flavor. I actually finished off the entire pizza, and I never do that, never! But Da Peppe’s was irresistible! We selected a wonderful Italian Chardonnay to accompany our meal that did not disappoint! And finished our meal with a “café gourmand” appropriately named because of its single size dessert portions selected from the daily dessert menu and served alongside an expresso. No website available — restaurant is located across from Gounod Hotel. Prices – $-$$
  4. L’Aile et La Cuisse  – Local St. Remois and owner of L’Aile ou La Cuisse Jean-Pierre Ricci has made a name for himself with this fabulous restaurant that serves up typical French brasserie style dishes with a modern touch. With a well established reputation for some of the best cooking that reflects the heart and soul of Provence, the chef ensures an authentic and fresh touch to every dish. The menu is seasonal and always offers something for every palate. This place is a favorite with local residents, and reservations are recommended to ensure a table any time of the week. The wine selection is amazing, and the restaurant decor is very inviting and charming! Sit back and enjoy the relaxing pace of service here while enjoying dishes you won’t easily find elsewhere in town. Prices – $$-$$$
  5. Bar des Alpilles – Don’t let the name full or deter you from scooping up a seat and enjoying the cuisine at this very local establishment run by a “Breton d’origine” (Brittany native).  The menu offers everything from meat based dishes, to pasta and salad dishes, all delicately prepared with great care. This place is always bustling, as it’s a favorite hangout for the local residents of St. Remy. If you live in and around St. Remy, you have most likely spent at least a couple of days a week, if not frequent apéritifs “happy hours” here enjoying a good glass of local wine, and engaging in friendly conversation with other locals, the staff or owner. The service and friendly atmosphere make this a must try place. No website available — bar is located across from Les Ateliers Hotel. Prices – $-$$

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