The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience!


The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience!

FEEL  Welcome  AND AT HOME WITH OUR  French  FRIENDS ON EVERY Off the Beaten Path TOUR!

More than just a tour, Off the Beaten Path transforms the entire guest experience into a personalized and exclusive “unparalleled” active, cultural affair that far exceeds guest expectations every time! We connect guests with our lifelong, local French friends who rank among France’s top rated chefs, specialty artisans, artists, wine producers, hotel & castle owners, and entertainers!

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The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience!

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The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience!The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience! – Each tour season, whether it be during the course of our very popular Best Adventures in Provence® Tour, our historically enriching Loire Valley Tour, or while either in the cellars on our Champagne Tasting Tours or savoring amazing cuisine during one of our many exclusive estate lunches on our Bordeaux harvest tours, guests often tell us that our tours are so much more than one could ever imagine possible! Guests tell us that their expectations for our tours were already very high, but what they experience once on the tour is utterly magical, personal, so very fun, and impossible to translate into words to share on a website!!

A recent tour guest even kindly cornered me at cooking class to say that, as the owner of the company, I had to find a way to communicate “how wonderful this feeling of hanging with my French friends” is and “how exceptional it felt to be welcomed into a French family’s home”.  This guest explained that while my French friends had no obligation to extend such warm hospitality to tour guests, she felt as if she were spending time with dear friends. I replied that my French friends feel that it’s a great pleasure and privilege to welcome travelers from around the world into their homes, workshops, restaurants and studios. And, they feel great pride in being able to share a sneak a peek into their lives and professions with tour guests, because for them it’s all about

“sharing a wonderful cultural experience together” and “enjoying a moment together”!

It’s our philosophy at France Off the Beaten Path that every one of our small group, active tours take travelers beyond the traditional tour hot spots to experience and discover the “authentic, cultural” France that we love – not touristy France. We design every itinerary to include our favorite local activities, visits, and excursions. We organize every cooking class, gourmet dinner and artisan foodie experience in coordination with the help of our culinary friends, who are some of France’s highest ranked chefs, and some who are celebrity chefs hosting their own gourmet show or publishing cookbooks annually. For our tours that feature daily walks, our trails are unique, private trails we have forged alongside local property and vineyard owners or with the assistance of the local mayor. We work in partnership with our lifelong French friends, who are some of France’s most respected and highly ranked professionals, to deliver the very best, active cultural experience from each region. We expect only the best from our team, and we strive to deliver memorable experiences that far exceed guest expectations every time!

EMAIL US at or  CALL 1.717.683.2827 with your tour questions and to inquire about space availability for one of our tours to Provence, Loire Valley, or Bordeaux, France!

The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience

Enjoy this selection of our favorite photos of our groups enjoying time with our French friends…

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The Unparalleled Small Group Tour Experience

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