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Best Provence Walking Foodie Tours – Provence Tour Guest Raves & Reviews!


Provence Tour Guest Raves & Reviews!  We asked guests if they would recommend our Best Adventures in Provence Walking & Foodie Tour to family and friends…Read what they had to say —

“YES This was a once in a lifetime vacation for us. We enjoyed the small group atmosphere and unpretentious welcoming nature of our guides and everyone we met during the tour. Very good guides – they work very well together and offer lots of information with a bit of humor. The walks just got better and better each day with more spectacular views. The guides, the food and service was extraordinary, and will not be replicated in our travels for a long time to come!” ––Alan and Laura Lecours, Gansevoort, New York

“YES would definitely recommend this trip/group! I tend to avoid group travel to do my own thing BUT this was absolutely the best in this type of travel! I loved the trip – one of the best I’ve taken. The walks were great, the cooking lesson was a highlight, the small towns were charming and the guides were perfect – knowledgeable, charming and perfect foils for each other.” ––Barbara Morris, Gansevoort, New York

“YES definitely! The cooking class and walks were the highlights for us! Everything was great and super fun and educational. Our guides were excellent!!” ––Bob and Chris Crewdson, Victoria, Australia

“YES I would recommend this trip to friends who like to walk and be active. I loved everything we did on the trip! I loved the guides, they were very considerate, helpful and knowledgeable about the region. The villages were delightful, and the food was delicious and beautifully presented. The cooking class was fun and tasty! The other guests on the trip were also fun and very interesting. Thank you!!” ––Anita Dunlap, Pacific Palisades, California

“YES we would for all of the following reasons and more – Loved, loved, loved our cooking day, the activities, the cooking class and our guides were amazing! Thank you for a great trip!” ––Tony and Christine Beck, Adelaide, Australia

“Aboslutely YES! I loved the people, fellow travelers, guides, hotel staff. This was a wonderful experience. Great guides, very knowledgeable, charming and very aware of everyone in the group and what they might need. It was fantastic that I didn’t know or care what day it was. Thank you!” ––Sharan Marshall, Huntingtown, Maryland

“YES as long as they are fit and active. I really enjoyed this trip. Loved that our guides were flexible. There were enough choices to make everyone happy, and the food was great. Loved the cooking class. This is a great trip for food and wine lovers!” ––Pat Hofmann, Huntingtown, Maryland

“YES we will! First and foremost we like the planning Christy put into making this an extraordinary trip. But then of course, she chose wonderful guides to carry out her vision. The guides were perfect, they complement each other so well. They have made everything so fun! The tour was wonderful. Our favorite things were Gordes and Roussillon villages–and the walk through the poppies, vineyards and orchards with the picnic food from the market. The bistrot lunch, the cooking class, the Cassis boat ride and the lunch in Cassis were all outstanding. How fun it was to see what was for dinner each day too, and trying so many different foods we don’t normally have at home. We loved making new acquaintances and enjoying all of the wines, it was all up at the top of our list. We are sad to leave! Merci Love you guys!” ––Joe and Kathy Roah, Long Beach, California

“YES, Great experience! Profesisonally guided. Good choice of locations to visit. And though this is my 4th or 5th visit to the south of France, this is the best tour! I really liked the walks, the cooking experience, the hotel. The guides were fun, approachable, knowledgeable, patient, helpful and profesional. And our bus was the perfect size (discreet).” ––Soh Keng Tan, Singapore

“YES – Definitely! I will recommend OTBP to my friends and I will come back again and also join you for Bordeaux and Loire Valley walk. I have had a wonderful time in Provence. The program is very well designed. Just enough amount of walking, shopping and very good meals. Keep up the good work. You are the BEST! Have a wonderful summer!” ––Ms. SiaouSze Lien, Singapore

“YES we would recommend this to friends who enjoy good food and being pampered. We loved the walks and passing by the poppy fields. The cooking class was fun and the day in Cassis was wonderful. So was the lunch at Cassis! All of the meals were great!! ” ––Mr. Kai-Yuen Wang and Ms. Mina Chan, Singapore

“YES Definitely will recommend to friends. This trip was well organized. Love the walks through the various villages. The poppy fields were a delight. The hotel was excellent and meals very good quality. The service was wonderful–we enjoyed our guides and their sense of fun and humor, they were extraordinary as guides–punctual, courteous, cheerful and knowledgeable. Thank you for making my trip memorable!” ––Ms. Mary Ong, Singapore



“YES, relaxing and yet enough activities to keep occupied and exercise to allow for eating all of the great food. This place is beautiful. Our guides were great, they made the atmosphere fun and memorable. The walks were good., and I really enjoyed the cooking class. Very professional operation.” ––Ms. Chiet Ping Chong, Singapore

“YES We would recommend the tour to others. It was a good combination of activities. Cooking class was exceptional. Our guides’ historical knowledge was enlightening and their local knowledge helped us appreciate the culture. The choices of restaurants was excellent. The hikes were beautiful. All arrangements were great and things went smoothly. Thank you for a fun week!” ––Dennis and Beverly Fitzpatrick, Key Largo, Florida

“Absolutely YES! It has been an excellent trip and met my expectations completely. I loved the lunches, the walks as well as the cooking class. Thank you to our guides who made the trip so enjoyable!” ––Cecilia Pang, Singapore

“YES, I would certainly recommend this trip to my friends and family. The entire trip was first class all the way! The villages and experiences, the inn, the food were spectacular! I have never taken a cooking class before – I have to say that was the highlight of the trip for me (Kathy) We both especailly enjoyed the seaside restaurant in Cassis and the boat ride out to the fjords. I appreciated that one of our guides took a group of us to visit the hospital where Van Gogh once stayed. It was really nice to see the small villages and scenic beauty of this area. Our guides worked well together and compliment one another very well. They have such a profound knowledge of history, language and practical information. The trip was priceless!! Thank you and best of luck to all of you!!” ––Jim and Kathy Hatfield, Fishers, Indiana

“YES – this was a great way to learn about France and Provence in an intimate group setting with lots of options. Wonderful food!! Especially loved the cooking class! Our guides were fantastic with a great sense of humor, they worked so well together. And the walks were very good. Loved that this trip is focused on small group tours, nature and simple fresh food with some active walking. We much prefer discovering these small villages and coutryside places to the cities. Thank you for a wonderful adventure in Provence!” ––Maurice and Donna Fox, North Carolina

“YES, would recommend this trip to friends. We saw so many things and experienced so much more than I expected. It was great to immerse myself into this culture and enjoy the very well maintained beauty of the countryside. I loved the architecture and peaceful atmosphere. The people we encountered were always warm and friendly and very interesting. The food and wine was excellent and I think my French may have improved “un peu” also. Thanks for a beautiful trip.” –Dianne Hurlstone, Australia

“YES I will definitely recommend this beautiful Provence trip to my friends and family! Loved the St. Remy market, visiting each of the villages, all were so unique. Only got to do one of the walks because I arrived to the tour with a small injury from all my Paris walking before your tour, but it was a great walk! All of the meals were really delicious-many photos were taken of each dish to show my family who surprised me with this trip. Lovely hotel and felt special being spoiled by the lovely staff. They were always very helpful and pleasant. Provence is a very beautiful part of the world and I am so glad I got to enjoy seeing it with your company. This is definitely a trip I will remember fondly. Thank you!” ––Carole O’Connor, Australia

“Absolutely! This was a very good trip! Hotel was good, food was outstanding! We never anticipated that it would be Michelin-star quality–you could say more in advance about that. Our guides were very good and entertaining. The focus was on rural/small towns and villages of Provence which is what we wanted. Good itinerary, good guides, the food and wine made this trip really exceptional, much better than anticipated. Plus we had a nice group that got along well. Thank you!” ––Gary and Lynn Mecklenburg, Madison, Wisconsin

“YES, I believe that my friends and family would enjoy the variety of things to do. And they would enjoy all of the information our guides provided us. I especially think they would like the seaside restaurant experience which was at the top of my list! Everyone I came in contact with was very nice and polite and efficient. I enjoyed each outing especially the seaside day and the truly enjoyable day at cooking class. I loved the markets. We had a great group, everyone was really nice. All of the food was fabulous and our guides were GREAT!!” ––Renee St. Louis, Fishers, Indiana



“YES we would happily recommend this trip. It’s hard to be specific, but everything was very good, the walks were good, food was great, accommodations were delightful and our guides were pleasant, attentive and very knowledgeable.” ––Marvin and Minna Einhorn, Chicago, Illinois

“YES – All of the meals were wonderful, cooking class was the best, guides were great and our driver was great! It was nice that one of the guides is designated to accompany guests who want to do the extended walking options. We did them all!” ––Greg and Philippa Sawyer, Australia

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