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Provence Lavender Tours

Provence Lavender Tours — by France Off the Beaten Path

Provence Lavender Tours by France Off the Beaten Path

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In the 24+ Years That We’ve Been Designing & Leading Tours in Provence, Lavender Season Is June through July/Early August…

Provence Lavender Tours – “When is the best time to travel to or join a tour of Provence to see lavender in bloom?”

Provence Lavender ToursIt’s a question we receive often. There are so many highlights to experiencing the magic of Provence, yet there is still one experience sought out by travelers — it’s seeing lavender in bloom. Travelers planning a trip to discover the Provence region of France often anticipate seeing, experiencing, visiting, and indulging in many things during their stay. For most, a lot of research goes into trip planning or finding an organized multi-day tour that offers everything a traveler could hope for to authentically experience Provence.  Expectations for a memorable stay are visit, and many travelers also come with the notion of seeing the one flower that has made Provence so famous — Lavender…

A lot of travelers dream of witnessing and photographing colorful Provence landscapes sprinkled with lavender fields during their stay, and rightly so. The brilliant colorful visual of fields of perfectly aligned blooming lavender bushes planted in the colorful contrasting soil truly mesmerizes visitors, and the natural aroma of the lavender is soothing to the soul. Some travelers come from around the world to this spectacular southern, sun-drenched region counting on not only seeing lavender in bloom, but also participating in walks amidst Provence’s famous picturesque lavender fields, enjoying a French fare picnic amidst the lavender fields, or both.  But, the number one question remains, when is the best time to see lavender in bloom in Provence? Many travelers are not sure what period of the year is the best time to ensure those memorable “lavender in bloom” experiences.

Whether planning a short stay or looking to book a tour that ensures memorable walks, photo opportunities, and/or a meal amidst the lavender fields during any Provence vacation experience, one needs to plan to travel to Provence anytime from June through end of July/early August.  Below are the details on when one can see lavender in bloom in Provence. We’ve included pictures of the different stages of the lavender growing season to illustrate what to expect, as well as a small gallery of photos at the end of this post – Provence Lavender Tours.

If you can’t travel to Provence during the period of lavender in bloom, rest assured, there are many additional highlights to authentically experiencing the best of Provence. Click here to review our Provence Tour itinerary in an easy to download and print format…

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The stages of lavender in Provence — When to visit Provence to see lavender in bloom!

  • Mid- to end of May – Lavender is growing and very green — NOT in bloom. What flowers will one see in May in Provence? Visitors to Provence in May can expect to see wild flowers and poppies…mid to end of May
  • Early June – lavender starts to turn from a brilliant green to very pale light purple – Provence Lavender Tours.1st-2nd week of June
  • Mid-June to end of July/Early August  – “Lavender is in FULL Bloom” – If you’re expecting, hoping, or wanting to see the brilliant color of lavender in full bloom, you’ll need to travel to Provence during this period. You’ll also be able to look forward to seeing sunflowers blooming…Mid-June to Mid-July - lavender in bloom

Mid-June to Mid-July - lavender in bloom

  • End of July/Early August – the lavender harvest begins…Lavender harvest - about 3rd week of July on
  • Once harvested…travelers can purchase lavender bunches and other lavender based products at the local outdoor markets and in village shops – Provence Lavender Tours.harvested lavender


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Provence Lavender Tours

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Below are photos from lavender blooming season in Provence during France Off the Beaten Path Provence Lavender Tours — click the photos to enlarge them… Click here to find a 2019 Provence Tour Date to book!


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