OTBP September October Southern France Tours – Provence!


OTBP September October Southern France Tours – Provence

Provence Tours – September and October Tours in Provence, France!

Check out what Provence tour guests have been up to with our award-winning tour guides. During our fall 2016 September and October Small Group Provence Tours travel season, we’ve captured so many memorable and fun moments to share in the photo gallery below.

While spring and summer delivered vibrantly colored landscapes painted of wild flowers, poppies, lavender, sunflowers, and other wildflowers, September and October Provence Tours brings a palette of fall colors dominated by hues of greens and purples. As fall slowly arrives to Provence, the grape harvest and winemaking of the region’s whites, roses and red wines is in full swing. The deep purple of ripened figues hanging from trees sprinkled across the valleys of Provence signal that it’s time for picking to get under way, and “confiture” (jam) making season to commence. And the granny apple greens and deep blacks of olives ready for picking, brining, and transforming into foodie pastes, delectable oils and cocktail spreads color the sunburnt valley of the Alpilles.

OTBP September October Southern France Tours

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Each day of our September and October Provence Tours offered up our favorite experiences with a twist of fall added to the mix; this sun-drenched southern region delivers something unique each season. Walking country trails along the backroads of Provence, guests witnessed the arrival of a new season, harvest activities, and the changing colors of Provence landscapes. Pumpkin soups, gamey meat dishes, hearty sauces, and bolder wines assumed their return to restaurant menus. Cooler temperatures accompanied our daily activities. The village cafes and weekly markets slowed their pace, and the change of seasons implied that another year in Provence draws to a close. We’ll soon say goodbye to our final tour guests of the season, and retreat for the holidays.  And as we do each year, we’ll patiently await the arrival of spring with all of its freshness, spectacular colors, aromas, and sounds to welcome both new and returning guests to this southern France paradise we call Provence! — OTBP September October Southern France Tours – Provence

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OTBP September October Southern France Tours – Provence

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