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OTBP Exclusive “727Sailbags” Totes

Our Exclusive, Artisan, French made 727Sailbags Totes for 2015 tour guests!!

Friday April 10 was delivery day of our France Off the Beaten Path (@FranceOTBP on twitter) custom designed, artisan, French made “727Sailbags” Totes being offered as an exclusive gift to our 2015 Tour guests!!

OTBP Tour GiftsDuring delivery of the bags, we decided to tour the facility, located in Lorient in order to share with our followers and tour guests — past, present and future alike — where the bags are made. We tried to organize the photos in the gallery below in chronological order — be sure to “click the load to see more photos button” in order to see the entire process. The photos show where the sail cloth, once collected and washed, is held in storage prior to being cut into different shapes. Once cut, the sail cloth advances to various work cells for stitching and designing. After the final product has been assembled, it moves onto the finishing stages where the grommets and handles are added, and the certification signatures to authenticate each bag are completed. Last stage of production – the bags and other products are either packaged for shipping or are placed in the showroom for purchase.

These are limited edition bags available in a limited quantity. So be sure to book your 2015 tour early in order to ensure you get your OTBP Exclusive “727Sailbags” Totes!! Check out our — 2015 Tour Schedule — for tour dates with space still available!

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