Newest 10 France Tour Reviews


Newest 10 France Tour Reviews for France Off the Beaten Path Small Group France Tours and France Off the Beaten Path Tours partnership with independent, 3rd party review website, Trustpilot!

Newest 10 France Tour Reviews

Newest 10 France Tour Reviews

Newest 10 France Tour ReviewsNewest 10 France Tour Reviews – France Off the Beaten Path has recently partnered with TRUSTPILOT, an independent, 3rd party review website to collect “independent” tour reviews about our small group walking, castles, wine tasting, culinary, champagne tasting, and active cultural tours of Provence, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, and Champagne, France! Photo right: Sunset in the sunflowers of Provence!

Since the launch of France Off the Beaten Path more than two decades ago, we have been asking tour guests for their feedback at the conclusion of each tour in order to continually improve our France small group tour itinerary offerings and customer service to tour guests. Additionally, guests often email us upon return home after their France Off the Beaten Path small group tour in France to share what they loved about their tour experience, as well as to offer suggestions for future tours; ideas that might further enhance our quality tour activities, excursions, and experiences, as well as add even greater value to the tours.

Now with our newly established partnership (June 2016) with TRUSTPILOT, tour guests have an additional medium through which to provide their feedback, suggestions, and ideas about their France Off the Beaten Path tour experiences in a completely independent review forum. France Off the Beaten Path has no control over what guests write in their Trustpilot reviews. All reviews are independently written by verified tour guests, meaning travelers who have complete tour travel with the company, and are managed by Trustpilot independently of France Off the Beaten Path tour operations.

Our tour travel philosophy at France Off the Beaten Path Tours is comprised of 3 major principles. 

  1. Provide and deliver exceptional, unparalleled itineraries that exceed guest expectations by providing local, authentic “insider” culturally active experiences with our local French friends that other tour companies cannot offer, and that are not available to the general public!
  2. Deliver superior quality customer service before, during, and after each tour to ensure guest satisfaction every step of their France vacation experience with us!
  3. Guarantee the highest value tour prices through transparency and inclusive tour pricing that incorporates so much more than a tour guest could imagine possible from a tour company.

With our newly formed partnership with Trustpilot, we are taking our tour travel philosophy and deep interest in traveler feedback to continue our #1 goal of constantly improving tour guest satisfaction to a whole new level! Independent 3rd party reviews instill an even higher level of confidence in travelers interested in booking a tour for their vacation travel. And, as a leader in France for small group active tour travel, Trustpilot provides us the possibility to achieve this goal, and to continue to lead the tour travel industry in service expectations!


Read reviews from former tour guests; some who have recently completed their 1st tour with France Off the Beaten Path, and others who have completed their 2nd tour, 3rd, and 4th tour!

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Newest 10 France Tour Reviews

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