Loire Valley Tours – What’s New in 2020


New 2020 Loire Valley Tour Activity – What’s New in 2020

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We’re thrilled to announce the addition of another memorable evening to our 2020 Loire Valley tour itinerary. Evenings spent together during our Loire Valley tours feature personalized experiences taking guests into the homes, workshops, and kitchens of our local French family and friends; some of France’s highest rated and respected professionals. Planning unparalleled experiences not available to tourists has become our hallmark. Each year we search for new and exciting activities to share with travelers and are excited to add yet another unique event to our Loire Valley itinerary’s cultural line-up.

New 2020 Loire Valley Tour Activity

In 2020, we unite French and Italian Renaissance cultures into one royal experience with a privately hosted mini-concert performance by our friend, world-renowned violinist, and guitarist, Gabriele Savarese. This newly added evening event features gourmet food tasting, regional wines, and beautiful music exclusively for our tour guests. Fit for a King, we host this exceptional experience in Amboise, the heart and soul of French Renaissance culture. Our hotel serves as the center stage where we invite tour guests for a relaxing two hour evening event savoring regional specialties and wines while Gabriele serenades us with his exceptional performance. An evening of enchantment and musical novelty, this new cultural addition not only complements our Loire Valley itinerary but also contributes an outstanding experience for travelers to genuinely discover this beautiful region.

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About Gabriele Saverese…

Born in Rome, Gabriele Saverese studied guitar with David Ferara and violin with Massimo Muscatello. He moved to Florence to perfect his violin at the prestigious School of Music in Fiesole, studying with Paolo Crispo, before graduating under the guidance of Alberto Bologni. At the same time, he studied guitar with Flavio Cucchi and Luigi Attademo, earning a second degree.

Fascinated by flamenco, he attended the master classes of some of the most talented guitarists and teachers like Gerardo Nuñez, Manuel Granados, Oscar Herrero, Josè Luis Postigo, Juan Lorenzo, Livio Gianola, Juan Grecos. As a violinist, he worked with the flamenco companies of Pilar Carmona, Sabrina Loguè, Carmen Meloni. As a guitarist of the quintet Rojo Porteño, with whom he performed music by Astor Piazzolla, he participated in several chamber music competitions. He won first prize in the international competition “Guido Monaco” of Arezzo in 2002, first prize in the national competition “Città di Magliano Sabina ” in 2002, and third prize and special public prize in the VI national competition “ Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa ” in Potenza in 2001. With that same ensemble he played in prestigious festivals throughout Italy (Accademia Gallery – Florence, Fiesolana Estate – Florence, “Venezia suona 2001”, Teatro dei Leggieri – San Gimignano, Villa Demidoff – Pratolino, Palazzo Pitti – Florence, Oratorio del Gonfalone – Rome, Sala dei Giganti of Liviano – Padua, Humanitarian Society – Milan).

Continuing with the tango scene, he played with the Argentine guitarist Daniel Chazarreta in the Che Tango Project, with Federico Mizrahi of Demoliendo Tangos, and finally with the Ippolito Brothers of Tango Sonos. With the Baro Drom Orkestar, he went deeper into the gypsy and klezmer repertoire from Central Europe to Eastern Europe, with over 200 concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, including the opening of the Goran Bregovic concert at the Marea Festival and, also, the Sud Sound System concert in Tuscany. In 2013, on the occasion of Memorial Day, he played with the Israeli clarinetist Amit Arieli at the Museum of the History of Religions in St. Petersburg and in Moscow at the Jewish Museum.

Since 2014 he has been called to accompany yoga and meditation sessions in New York, New Jersey, and Colorado. In the same year, he participated, together with the jazz pianist Alessandro Lanzoni, in the Tuscan Landscape project of Riccardo Tesi and Banditaliana, with whom he recorded the album “Maggio,” and later he was with Ginevra Di Marco and Francesco Magnelli for a summer tour, also playing mandolin and bouzouki.

As a member of “Orchestrada,” (an ensemble of different musicians) which was directed by the multi-instrumentalist singer and composer Claudia Bombardella, he participated in the transboundary project “Sonata di mare,” a fusion of musicians and different instruments with sounds of the Mediterranean tradition. Spanning the breadth of Italian music, he played in the Veneto Youth Orchestra with the famous singers Lucio Dalla and Amedeo Minghi and in the “Nuova Eventi Musicali Orchestra” with Petra Magoni, Ginevra Di Marco, Simone Cristicchi.

For the complete execution of the Beatles White Album at the Roman Theater of Fiesole, he supported the Collective Angelo Mai with singers Niccolò Fabi, Antonio Diodato, Francesco Sarcina and, for a tribute to Sergio Endrigo, at the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Museum in Prato with Simone Cristicchi. He collaborated with Beppe Dati, songwriter for many famous Italian singers (Mia Martini, Laura Pausini, Raf, Francesco Guccini, Marco Masini, Irene Fornaciari). He has had numerous recordings and live performances of singer-songwriters in the Florentine area and beyond, such as Giuseppe Oliverio, Simone Borghi, Legho, Marco Cantini, Fabio Balzano, Ciro Lenzi, Tiziano Mazzoni, Giorgio Aquilino, Gianfilippo Boni.

With the Acquaraggia band, he has performed in the annual Bob Dylan Week for several years, a week dedicated to the songwriter and American music in general. He accompanied with a soundtrack a lesson on cosmic rays held by Pasquale Blasi of INAF at the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory in Florence. He has collaborated in the theater with actors such as Ugo Pagliai, Paola Gassman, Andrea Buscemi, Paolo Hendel, Carlo Monni and is currently involved with the international air-and-poetic circus-theater company “Mattatoio Suspeso” in the shows “Les amants du ciel” and ” Tu me fais tourner la tête.”

New 2020 Loire Valley Tour Activity

New 2020 Loire Valley Tour Activity

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