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France Tour Reviews – Tour Guest Testimonials!

France Tour Reviews about France Off the Beaten Path Tours!

France Tour Reviews about France Off the Beaten Path Tours!

Award Winner, 3rd Consecutive Year!

France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews – Tour Guest Testimonials! + Press Accolades!

France Off the Beaten Path Tours are Regularly Featured in and Recommended by:

France Tour ReviewsForbes Traveler, The New York Times, USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, The Travel Daily, Fodors, Group Tour Magazine, The Wine Commentator, France Magazine, Wine Spectator, Travel Lady, The Telegraph, Travel & Leisure, The Dauphine Liberé, OLN, Conde Nast, Luxury Living, eHow.com, Cultural Travels, Shaw Guides, Travel Channel, Vine to Wine, CBS, Courier Magazine, Travel Concepts, Travel Intelligence: Best of France, Gourmet Get-a-Ways, International Herald Tribune, Trip Advisor, CNN Traveler, Worldweb Travel Guide, Tampa Tribune, La Provence, France Guide, Food and Travel, Decanter, Gourmet Traveler, and many more.

France Tour Reviews – Tour Guest Testimonials! Read What Off the Beaten Path Tour Guests Say… We asked some of our Tour Guests the following question at the end of their tour with us – “Would you recommend this trip to a friend?”   Click here to read their reviews and feedback on Facebook! – (opens in a new window) OR Click the following link to visit our BLOG .

Would you recommend France Off the Beaten Path’s Best Adventures in Provence tour to friends and family??

France Tour Reviews  “Yes, I would happily recommend the tour and company as nothing was too much trouble for our guides. Our guides were the warmest of hosts. The five days were filled with magical moments. I loved cooking class and our chef, all of the restaurants and the villages especially Cassis. Again thanks to our wonderful hosts. I had high expectations and they were were all surpassed! This was truly the experience of a lifetime! Thank you so much.” –– Gill Hall, Victoria, Australia  — Plus click here to read the additional email message Gill sent us after her return home.  – France Tour Reviews

Provence Tour  “Yes, we would definitely recommend the trip and would take another ourselves! Guides made the trip! They complemented each other beautifully, were knowledgeable and entertaining! Loved the program in Cassis and the wonderful restaurant overlooking the sea. Kudos to our guides for making a special trip to the train station to pick us up when our train arrived late, and for helping us find lavender oil.” –– Hap and Gerry Snyder, New York City, New York – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “YES This was a once in a lifetime vacation for us. We enjoyed the small group atmosphere and unpretentious welcoming nature of our guides and everyone we met during the tour. Very good guides – they work very well together and offer lots of information with a bit of humor. The walks just got better and better each day with more spectacular views. The guides, the food and service was extraordinary, and will not be replicated in our travels for a long time to come!” –– Alan and Laura Lecours, Gansevoort, New York  – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “YES we would for all of the following reasons and more – Loved, loved, loved our cooking day, the activities, the cooking class and our guides were amazing! Thank you for a great trip!” –– Tony and Christine Beck, Adelaide, Australia – France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews  “YES we will! First and foremost we like the planning Christy put into making this an extraordinary trip. But then of course, she chose wonderful guides to carry out her vision. The guides were perfect, they complement each other so well. They have made everything so fun! The tour was wonderful. Our favorite things were Gordes and Roussillon villages–and the walk through the poppies, vineyards and orchards with the picnic food from the market. The bistrot lunch, the cooking class, the Cassis boat ride and the lunch in Cassis were all outstanding. How fun it was to see what was for dinner each day too, and trying so many different foods we don’t normally have at home. We loved making new acquaintances and enjoying all of the wines, it was all up at the top of our list. We are sad to leave! Merci Love you guys!” –– Joe and Kathy Roah, Long Beach, California – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “YES Definitely will recommend to friends. This trip was well organized. Love the walks through the various villages. The poppy fields were a delight. The hotel was excellent and meals very good quality. The service was wonderful–we enjoyed our guides and their sense of fun and humor, they were extraordinary as guides–punctual, courteous, cheerful and knowledgeable. Thank you for making my trip memorable!” –– Ms. Mary Ong, Singapore – France Tour Reviews


France Tour Reviews  “Absolutely! This was a very good trip! Hotel was good, food was outstanding! We never anticipated that it would be Michelin-star quality–you could say more in advance about that. Our guides were very good and entertaining. The focus was on rural/small towns and villages of Provence which is what we wanted. Good itinerary, good guides, the food and wine made this trip really exceptional, much better than anticipated. Plus we had a nice group that got along well. Thank you!” –– Gary and Lynn Mecklenburg, Madison, Wisconsin – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “YES, I believe that my friends and family would enjoy the variety of things to do. And they would enjoy all of the information our guides provided us. I especially think they would like the seaside restaurant experience which was at the top of my list! Everyone I came in contact with was very nice and polite and efficient. I enjoyed each outing especially the seaside day and the truly enjoyable day at cooking class. I loved the markets. We had a great group, everyone was really nice. All of the food was fabulous and our guides were GREAT!” –– Renee St. Louis, Fishers, Indiana – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “Yes – overall the trip has been wonderful!  The guests and the tour operator made us feel as if we were with family all week long!  The food was exceptional, our guides were helpful and informative and kept us fascinated and were clearly concerned for our welfare throughtout the trip.  The driver Philippe was skillful and courteous, the accommodations were very comfortable and beautiful!  We loved the daily walks, choices were wonderful!”  — Harvey and Sandy Schuster, San Carlos, California – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “Yes – very good food, wine and guides!  Really enjoyed our guides! Loved cooking school- it was best activity and we appreciated seeing their home and garden.  All of the restaurants were great!”  — Manning & Ruth Goldsmith, Savannah, Georgia – France Tour Reviews

  “YES – The trip was a wonderful combination of a beautiful location, superlative food, fine wine, an excellent mix of activities and sightseeing.   We particularly loved the towns of Roussillon, Gordes, and Cassis, and we thought the walking tour from Roussillon to Gordes was particularly lovely (excluding, of course, Bob’s fall).   The cooking class was another highlight.   Truly, the lunches and their locations as well as the dinners were beyond!   We thought all your selections of the food and places and activities were terrific.   With regard to tour knowledge, Bob particularly liked David’s not overloading us with too many facts.   Sometimes on other tours there is such an abundance of information that it all becomes somewhat muddled. David managed to provide a nice mix of facts and jokes.  Of course the unknown factor with small group tours is the mix of people and compatibility of the individuals.   We have to say that all the folks on the tour were wonderful.   Each one was interesting, kind, thoughtful and fun.  We would absolutely recommend the trip to family and friends.  This is a prefect tour for people who love scenic beauty, fabulous gourmet meals, fine and more than ample wines, walking through beautiful fields with great guides in a small group for a more intimate and rewarding experience.  We will definitely look into doing one of your other French tours. Thanks again for a great tour!”  — Bob and Roz Alperstein, East Windsor, New Jersey – France Tour Reviews

  “Yes – without reservation I would recommend this trip to a friend!  We will do just that! We loved everything about this trip! Especially loved the walks and lunches.  The hotel was outstanding and dinner every night was always amazing. Loved the final day because of the quiet villages and gorgeous walk. The congenial group enhanced the whole experience and the beloved leaders – Christy, David, Philippe(guide) and (different) Philippe(our driver) – made it exceptional!  Thank you for a beautiful holiday!” — Adam & Gretel Crum, San Clemente, CA – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “Yes – The choice of restaurants was brilliant.  Itinerary catered to all people on the tour – walkers and non-walkers.  Explanation of the meals was excellent, and the variety of wines served complimented each gourmet meal. You were excellent and very prompt at responding to all of my email questions and you delivered the itinerary exactly as you advertise on your website which is very, very important.”  — Adrien and Nancy Fuller, Melbourne, Australia – France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews  “Yes, the reason why we really liked this tour was because it was a small group (who all got along so very well and very seamlessly), and most of all liked the fact that we weren’t hopping around from hotel to hotel – staying in one hotel for the entire tour was definitely a perk we appreciated!! Initially we thought we would be able to maneuver around the region on our own but are so glad we didn’t attempt it. Off the Beaten Path took us to wonderful areas and treated us to some fabulous meals!! We loved every day we were here!! Our favorites were the walks-getting to walk through different scenery on each, cooking class and market day. Au revoir Provence! We’ll miss our guides too!” — Rob and Jane Disch, Watchung, New Jersey – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “We would definitely recommend the trip to friends who like to sit back and relax, who enjoy food and wine, beautiful scenery and colorful markets and villages and making friends. We liked the hotel in its tranquil setting and a short walk into the town. The garden and swimming pools are beautiful, and the room is very comfortable with all the necessary facilities and amenities. We had two very professional guides. They made sure everything went as organized. We enjoyed the stories and history told about Provence during the tour. The guides were also great at taking pictures for the group and accommodated all of our special requests. All of the meals are fine dining and up to Michelin standard. We were provided with more than what we could drink, and enjoyed that our food was matched with different local wines. We also enjoyed all of the walks through different countryside each day, and the cooking class!! We enjoyed making lots of new friends from different countries -these are very memorable moments together. In one word, this trip is the “essence” of Provence!” — Francis and Lilian Lee, Hong Kong, China – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “Absolutely, would recommend without reservation. We had a fabulous time!! Our guides were knowledgeable and very personable, the hotel location was good and convenient to town and activities were very fun.” — Donald and Kaye Kelley, Austin, Texas – France Tour Reviews

  “Yes! Loved the walks, each covered different ground! Loved the variety of villages and the well organized, efficient excursions. LOVED cooking class!! Beautiful room at the hotel. Many great meals and wines! We liked that the guides took very good care of us.” — Seth and Kristy Cain, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews  “Yes, I would recommend this trip to a friend. Our guides made everyone feel comfortable, they accommodated a lot of needs and were a lot of fun. The cooking class was a definite highlight, LOVED the trip to Cassis. Lunch locations were all great, BUT Cassis was SPECTACULAR!! The food and wines were great! The tour stops were great! I especially loved Saturday’s walk in the Luberon. Overall, everything was great – certainly met my expectations and would recommend highly to others! Thank you!!” – Joan McCourt, Wilton, Connecticut – (Best Adventures in Provence Tour) – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “YES of course I would recommend this trip!! The food was fantastic, cooking class was great, the guides were informative and fun, the locations were great, what’s not to like?   The Mas des Carassins was very good! I liked everything! Just to emphasize: Our guides were wonderful!! I have been to this area of France before, but they put a new light on it!!” – Nancy Johnson, Denver, Colorado – France Tour Reviews

  “Yes – The tour allowed us to see more and eat in much better restaurants than we could ever have done on our own. This was a well organized tour, our guides were friendly and very helpful, meals were outstanding with a nice selection of different local wines each day. Thank you for a great week!” – Greg Corning and Madelyn Ruiz, Sunnyvale, California – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “Absolutely! Especially for women single or traveling together. We had excellent guides, a great group – a good mix of singles and couples, fabulous meals, great variety. Maybe the hotel could heat on of the pools just slightly.” – Susan Hubbard, Prairie Village, Kansas – France Tour Reviews

  “Yes, I enjoyed every aspect of the tour. Of course Provence is fantastic, that makes it all easy. But the food was exceptional, hotel was great and excursions were interesting and beautiful. I would recommend this trip because – there was a variety of activities, the walks were not too long or too difficult, everything was well organized, guides were delightful, great internet access and food was great!” – Sharon Bauer, Wichita, Kansas – France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews  “The hotel accommodations were lovely! We thoroughly enjoyed our group; they were fun, intelligent and accommodating! Loved all of the cooking classes, each one was so different from the other. Our guide was very knowledgeable, efficient and facilitated our trips to the castles in a friendly and cordial manner.I always wanted to visit the Loire Valley and love cooking immensely and wanted to share a unique experience with my daughter. Thank you Christy for a fabulous week!!” – Marianne Gold and adult daughter Alexandra, Jupiter, Florida (Loire Valley Tour) – France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews  “Loved lunch at the winery! The hotel was perfect and the meals were very nice. We especially enjoyed Antoine’s cooking class and having dinner at his home. Thank you again!” — Mark and Monica Lang, Omaha, NE (Bordeaux Wine Tasting and Gourmet Harvest Walking Tour) – France Tour Reviews

  “We loved your consideration to stop for so many photo ops throughout the beautiful countryside. The St. Remy market, the cooking classes, hotel and all of the restaurants were fabulous. It was wonderful meeting you! Thank you for a wonderful time in Provence! See you on your Bordeaux tour next time.” — Larry and Lyn Christenson, Palo Alto, CA (Best Adventures in Provence Tour) – France Tour Reviews

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France Tour Reviews  “We enjoyed the intimacy of the small group, and the personal care, warmth and friendliness of all the people we ecountered at the hotel and restaurants. The castles were fascinating, the food wonderful, the pace of the trip good and our guide’s knowledge excellent!” — Dr. Bruce and Debby Farkas, Chicago, IL (Loire Valley Tour)

  “The small group setting was amazing – it allowed for greater fellowship among the group- making for a more personable experience! The trip gave me new perspective and insight through the “authentic” or local’s experience of France. I’m taking more away from this trip than merely pictures and purchases! This was a truly unique experience (not your typical cookie cutter trip)! Friendliness: emails with OTBP were answered quickly,   comprehensively and friendly. I didn’t feel like a number or just another guest. And, this trip was very relaxing, I was never exhausted or stressed, every detail was extremely well and professionally managed! This trip was leisurely, refreshing and fun! Thank you!!” — Angelica Pivarunas, Chicago, IL (Loire Valley Tour) – France Tour Reviews

France Tour Reviews  “This entire Provence Tour was well organized but not too structured. We had plenty of time to do everything we wanted. Loved the cooking classes especially the team class-that was really different from any cooking experience I’ve had before. What a wonderful way to teach cooking and new techniques. The calanques walk was even more spectacular than I had imagined. And, St. Remy de Provence is such beautiful town, I loved shopping there for all the traditional Provence things we hear about in the US. I loved the small group – everyone was so nice and lots of fun to be with. Excellent trip. If ever you need just 1 more person to fill a last minute trip, please let me know, I’d love to come back on another trip!” — Patricia Jacubec, Washington, D.C. (Best Adventures in Provence Tour)

France Tour Reviews  “Just arrived home yesterday from our lovely tour in Provence. I would give every aspect of the tour a 10/10. Our hotel was lovely, the staff very accommodating and the meals were outstanding…I loved our stop at le Bistrot du Paradou, the meal and the decor and the servers. Also thought the mas de cornud your crowning moment. Such a lovely couple in such a lovely setting. Cassis was a pleasant day trip too. Our driver Jack was excellent. Very attentive to our needs and told us (through David) some interesting aspects of French life. David was entertaining and informative and very much wanted to please. He bent over backwards for us taking us to special sites, and driving early departers to the train station in his own car. His way of explaining history made it interesting, not dry. All in all a great trip – well planned and executed. As you know, you can’t please everyone, but you and David certainly pleased me. All the best.” — Rosemary Chisholm, Toronto, Canada (Best Adventures in Provence Tour)

Provence Tour  “We loved the calanques walk, St. Remy, cooking class and of course all of the eating and drinking!! Our group was so much fun and this experience was everything I wanted from Provence! We’re going to tell all of our friends about you. Thanks soo much, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.” — Mike and Beth Dizon, Manila, Philippines (Best Adventures in Provence Tour)

  “Loved the optional bike ride, the dinners, especially the first night’s dinner playing petanque and having dinner at the Chef’s home. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the hiking/walking activities and staying in one hotel for the entire trip. Thanks for a great week!!” — Russ and Mary Gentile, Jacksonville, FL (Best Adventures in Provence Tour)

France Tour Reviews  “Loved it ALL!! The new friends we made, staying in one place as a base and the group size was perfect. Every day was full of fun and lots of laughs! Our guide was wonderful, knowledgeable and lots of fun too! She was always thinking about our needs and available when we needed assistance. Thanks for a great time in Provence! ” — Ben Francavilla and Jan Hodges, Harrisburg, PA (Best Adventures in Provence Tour)

  “We loved Remi!! He was so fun!! Our favorite wineries were the ones in Saint Emilion and Graves. Antoine’s cooking class was fun and the food amazing! Our lead guide was so fabulous, charming and knowledgeable. This was such a pleasant experience and wonderful way to discover Bordeaux wine country and all of these excellent wines! Loved having Chateau Haut Brion with our picnic lunch!! You guys do a great job and it shows in the way you treat your guests and how well everything is organized. Hope to be back sooner than later on another of your tours.” — Paul and Karen Galindo, Austin, TX (Bordeaux Harvest Tour)

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France Tour Reviews  “We had very high expectations for this trip and you far exceeded them every day of the trip!!! This was a wonderful experience, everything was excellent! Our guide was great, really enjoyed the small group and other guests. What a great way to celebrate my 60th birthday! We learned a lot, everyday was a new adventure. You do what you do very well!!! Thanks again for a fun and memorable time! Added Note received from the Krownes – back in NY…I just wanted to share with you once again that “the trip was my dream come true for my 60th birthday”…I keep looking at all the pictures we took and smiling and put the ones you took on my facebook account…and already people are posting such nice comments.” — Ron and Liliane Krowne and adult children Andrew & Missy, Great Neck, New York (Best Adventures in Provence Tour)

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