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Off the Beaten Path Tour Activities Signature Experiences


France Tour Activities By France Off the Beaten Path – Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Off the Beaten Path, LLC (OTBP) works exclusively with the “Creme de la Creme” of France…

France Tour Activities…in Provence, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Dordogne and Champagne regions of France. Our active small group tours combine unique, culturally enriching and personalized experiences, excursions and activities that are not available to the general public — including exclusive, private visits of artisan workshops, wine producers, mills, museums, castles and other historical monuments.

France Tour ActivitiesAlong with our local French friends and partners in each France region, we organize every small group tour activity and outing exclusively to ensure tour guests an authentic and personalized French experience that far exceeds every expectation. Our local France friends and professionals welcome guests to their homes, professional workshops, mills, wineries, and kitchens, as a group of friends. They offer a fun and relaxed environment to experience and discover French cuisine, culture, wines, and traditions. – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

France Tour ActivitiesEveryday offers new opportunities to get to know our local French friends, and experience France unlike the general tourist to this spectacular country we call home. Whether you enjoy cooking regularly at home or just like to try your hand at it during vacation, cooking classes with our Michelin-star, Master, and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Chef friends in their professional kitchens or in their family home kitchens offer tour guests an authentic, insider experience to the magical world of French cooking and cuisine.

France Tour ActivitiesDuring our spectacular, scenic walks through the French countryside — whether in Provence or Bordeaux — guests experience the finest trails offering the best exposure to historical architecture, landscapes, villages, and artisan producers. Take advantage of endless photo opportunities to capture the beautiful countryside in images during our tour walks, cultural visits, tour excursions, meals and more during every tour. – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Tours include fun, hands-on and/or demonstration culinary (cooking) classes…

France Tour Activities…with our friends who are Michelin-Star Chefs, celebrated Master Chefs and/or “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Chefs. Prepare recipes that reflect French cuisine of each individual region along side these culinary stars, as they welcome you into their world.

Most importantly, No experience is necessary!

France Tour ActivitiesLearn about local France culinary traditions, cooking styles, and trade secrets that our friends rarely share outside of the French culinary world. Prepare regional recipes at a fun pace during each culinary (cooking) class experience, and enjoy a refreshing glass of local color — a white, rosé or red. Select your favorite, and try a wine of the region while cooking.  Following cooking class, enjoy a regional house cocktail with your Chef followed by a lunch or dinner of the recipes prepared together in class, as VIP guests at our Chef’s table at home or in their Michelin-star restaurant.

About Tour ActivitiesRecipes prepared during OTBP cooking classes reflect each individual region, and are based on seasonal ingredients purchased fresh daily at the local outdoor, village food markets. The greatest reward comes at the end of each culinary class, when our Chef transforms his or her home or restaurant into a private stage to feature and taste the dishes we prepared together under his or her guidance while sipping a local cocktail.  Meals are paired with regional classified wines selected by our chefs.  – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Discover French customs with local artisans…

France Tour Activities…Learn about the art of French chocolate making during a private tour with our favorite celebrity chocolate makers at their workshops during both OTBP Provence Tours and OTBP Loire Valley Tours. Enjoy a wine and cheese tasting “tour de France” with one of France’s most famous Michelin-star Chefs during our Loire Valley Tours. During Provence Tours, guests are invited for an optional visit to learn about the importance of locally grown and cultivated flowers in Provence perfume production.

France Tour ActivitiesIn Provence, immerse yourself in the southern France wine culture with a day in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. We walk a local wine trail designed by our team of professional France walking guides to experience the best of this famous southern France wine growing area. We top off the walk with an in-depth wine discovery workshop tasting 6 different grand cru wines followed by a privately prepared lunch by our local friend, a Michelin-star Chef. And it all takes place at our friend’s home in his restored 13th century wine cellar. On Provence tours, tour guests also visit a friends’ olive oil mill made famous by their elite selection of olive varieties and authentic, artisan processes.

There is no better way to discover local customs than by witnessing artisan practices and crafts in person, and being able to take home souvenirs of your experience — whether they be a photographic souvenir, the memory of the flavors of France’s famous cheeses, exceptional wines, or an actual final product that was just made before your very eyes. – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Participate in “Easy to moderately rated”, cultural theme walks…

France Tour Activities…that comprise our Provence and Bordeaux Wine Tasting, Cultural Foodie Walking Tours. Each of our walking tours through France has been specially designed exclusively by Off the Beaten Path to ensure that tour guests enjoy the slow backroads of the French countryside to discover France’s beautiful landscapes and villages along the most picturesque walking trails in France. We have designed tour walking around the following themes: Village to Village, Medieval & Renaissance villages, Castle to Castle, Premiere Vineyards and Wine Producing Villages, and France’s Beautiful Waterways and Coastal Areas”.

About Tour ActivitiesBoth longer and shorter walking trails are available on all of our walking tours through France. Guests decide how much walking to do on any of our France small group walking tours. All walks are guided by expert nature and history walking tour guides, and are designed to appeal to walkers of all interests and ability levels. Plus  we provide a support van for all walks. Some walks include gourmet picnics or a specially reserved lunch at a private castle, wine producer or select Michelin-star rated restaurant along our small group walking trail. Walks feature stops for winery tours, wine tasting, olive oil mill tours, photo opportunities, to discover local villages, enjoy castle tours and independent exploration.

France Tour ActivitiesNOTE: Bordeaux “Grand Cru” Wine Tasting & Walking Tours include 3 walks — 1 in Graves, 1 in Sauternes and 1 in the Saint Emilion Jurisdiction. Our very popular Best Adventures in Provence Tours include 3 walks — 1 hidden gems walk that exudes such beauty it can only be described once seen with your own eyes, 1 Chateauneuf-du-Pape France wine country walk through the vineyards of this prestigious wine producing area taking us into Chateauneuf-du-Pape village, and 1 walk in Provence’s spectacular Luberon valley through Provence hilltop villages, lavender and sunflower fields, and including lots of historical, France architecture. In 2017 OTBP Loire Valley Tours include 2 walks – 1 in northern Touraine between Amboise and Chenonceau Castle and 1 walk in southern Touraine between the village of Azay-le-Rideau and Villandry castle and gardens.

About Tour ActivitiesFrance is a nation of walkers, and all Off the Beaten Path small group tours through France also include “daily leisure walking” at producers, castles, markets, and in French country villages that is considered appropriate for most travelers.  Review Off the Beaten Path France Tours Walking Ratings. ALL Off the Beaten Path Tours through France include options daily for both walkers and non-walkers alike. Van support is provided for all of our walking tours so that when you’re done, the support van is available to pick you up and transfer you to the next group meeting point, or back to the tour group hotel, as you wish.

France Tour ActivitiesThis is active, small group tour travel at its finest!  Join us for the France tour vacation of a lifetime to discover France, as an insider and make new friends along the way, walking the backroads of the beautiful French country.  While our small group tours through France are structured to appeal to avid walkers and those who enjoy walking during vacation travel, as much as to those who prefer to be shuttled by vehicle daily, our small group tours through France are not recommended for travelers who have walking difficulties and knee or back problems that would prohibit full participation in our tours — such as having difficulty with any of the following — periods of extended standing with no seating available, walking to and from our vehicles to and from restaurants, wineries, in villages, on uneven pavement and to and from other daily tour activities. – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Enjoy expert guided cultural tours of villages and regional markets…

About Tour Activities…followed by shopping and leisure time at art, regional, farmers, and artisan markets and craft fairs, as well as antique markets in historical villages and towns adds to the excitement of discovering local heritage and traditions during our small group tours in France.  Our UNESCO award winning tour guides take guests on private tours of the artisan and craft markets, introducing guests to local and regional products. They also offer assistance, as needed, with purchases in the marketplace.

France Tour ActivitiesLearn which artisans are truly local and authentic. Meet our local France artisan and artist friends at work. We show and recommend only the very best each of the markets has to offer. We recommend vendors, because they truly are the very best, and absolutely authentic. We accept NO kick backs or commissions from any market vendors that we recommend to tour guests. If we recommend a vendor or artisan/artist, it’s because they are selling the best product and a truly authentic local product. – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Learn fun facts, tall tales and ludic stories about French history and historical figures…

OTBP-loire-valley-tour-12France Tour Activities…with our UNESCO award winning tour guides — all of whom are experts in French history and local French culture. Some are also President of local tourist offices, published authors, blog journalists, and feature writers for prominent travel publications and tour travel guides. Enjoy expert commentated tours in English at our favorite castles, historical sites, monuments, artisan workshops, olive oil mills, chocolate workshops, cheese makers, and wine producers. Tours are fact-filled, and also include many untold stories and legends, plus lots of historical fun facts and gossip about the kings, queens, their courts, and much more. – France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

Savor sumptuous, Michelin-rated and bistro gourmet meals – classified wines included…

Bordeaux TourPROVENCE TOUR ITINERARY - Top 4 Must See Places…during each tour. Meals reflect the heart and soul of each France region. OTBP small group tour meals offer an opportunity to discover local French cuisine, traditional recipes, and cooking styles through our personalized Michelin-star restaurant and gourmet bistro selections. Enjoy dining experiences with our friends who are celebrity Michelin-star, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Master Chefs. They welcome you, as friends, to their restaurants, workshops and homes for a memorable French meal together.

– France Tour Activities by Off the Beaten Path, LLC

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