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As many of you who follow me on social media know, instead of traveling to my home in the USA or spending winter in Egypt, I chose to spend this winter at home in Bordeaux with my Shetland Sheepdog Koa, traveling around France to spend time with my French Friends, and writing about France here on my blog. I wrote the missive below in February for those of you who receive my newsletters, and for those who don’t, I’m sharing it here now. Happy reading! For those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, I invite you to sign-up here.



Dear Cherished Travelers & Friends,

Summer in the lavender fields of ProvenceIt’s already February, and as the vibrant colors of spring prepare to burst forth across the stunning landscapes of my adopted country of France, my entire team and I await the arrival of spring with an undeniable sense of excitement and anticipation for the 2024 travel season. Undeniable excitement and anticipation, you ask? YES, as guides, we grow impatient as the winter slowly progresses. We miss being on tour, meeting new guests, seeing familiar faces of returning guests, and sharing our love for France.

While we’ve been in a state of hibernation that naturally accompanies the shorter, colder, grey winter days, my team and I have been keeping busy meticulously preparing for the upcoming season. Between discussing our marathon sessions on Netflix and meeting up with family and friends to chat about our respective communities and local happenings, we exchange new ideas, debate and rate new restaurants, lay wagers on which day of June lavender fields will begin blooming, and update one another on expositions announced for the season. As we leave our homes layered in wool attire and slip on our rain boots, we’ve been fruitfully spending our days visiting our local wine-makers, hoteliers, artisans, and chefs. These winter weekends with family and friends in the Loire Valley, Provence, and my home city of Bordeaux remain the best perk of living in France. I’m grateful as I travel across the country each weekend since the holidays, accompanied by my beautiful Shetland Sheepdog, Koa, checking out both new and familiar places and historical sites on a whim.

This year promises to be truly special, with a calendar brimming with unique opportunities and unforgettable experiences in France. From the artisan markets and enchanting lavender fields of Provence to the historic commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landing and the electrifying energy of the Olympic Games, France remains the ultimate destination for those seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty. France is a land where history whispers through every cobblestone street, art and architecture intertwine in a timeless dance, the flavors of world-renowned cuisine tantalize the senses, and no two regions resemble one another. Each region tells an enchanting story, inviting you to immerse yourself in its unique charm and allure.

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Cooking at home with French friends Christophe and Angelique in Loire Valley France.Before you embark on your journey to France, whether it be your first visit, second, or twentieth, as a couple, solo traveler, or with a group of friends, let me whisk you away on a virtual adventure through my recent blog posts. Having spent a good portion of November in Egypt, I chose to remain home in France this winter to spend more time with my French friends, family, and guiding team and focus on writing. I invite you to dive into some leisure reading. Immerse yourself in the sun-kissed landscapes of Provence, where the aromas of the delicate scent of lavender reign, and every corner reveals a postcard-worthy vista. Explore historical figures that bring the majestic castles of the Loire Valley to life and where time stands still amidst the whispers of centuries past. Then, journey to Bordeaux, where the finest wines are crafted amidst rolling vineyards and charming villages that showcase exceptional beauty. My blog posts will transport you to these enchanting destinations, providing an insider perspective, captivating stories, and a glimpse into the unique experiences that await you on one of our unforgettable tours.

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🌷🌟 2024 Tours Filling Up – Secure Your Spot Today! 🌟🌷

As we prepare for another fabulously fun season of discovery and adventure, we are thrilled to announce that spaces on our 2024 tours are filling up fast. This year promises to be a celebration of all things French with the beauty of spring in full bloom, the lavender season in Provence enchanting visitors in June and July, and the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landing, offering a poignant moment of reflection and remembrance. And, to add to the excitement, the Olympic Games will take place from July 26th to August 11th, infusing the air with an electric energy. Additional events and expositions are in the works to complement the excitement of the games, and our 2024 tours will include memorable surprise additions to mark this celebratory year.


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Guiding in Champagne with group of ladies from the Baltimore book clubAt France Off the Beaten Path Tours, we pride ourselves on offering truly unique and immersive travel experiences. My team and I design our small group tours to take you beyond the well-trodden paths, behind closed doors, into our French friends’ homes, professional kitchens, and workshops, entitling you to unparalleled opportunities to uncover the hidden gems and authentic traditions that make France magical. With my expert team of guides leading the way, you’ll have the chance to savor the true essence of each destination, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime?

With warmest regards,



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