Champagne Tour Photos – France OTBP Tours!


Champagne Tour Photos – France Off the Beaten Path 2016 Champagne Tours!

France Off the Beaten Path 2016 Champagne Tours were once again a big hit with tour guests, some who were back for their 3rd tour with us! The Champagne experiences were each unique and fabulously fun. 2016 Champagne tours featured tasting an unprecedented number of “vintages” including six at Veuve-Clicquot. Vintages are the “creme de la creme” of Champagne production, only 100% grand cru classified grapes from the same harvest year are used in a vintage production, making them both exceptional in taste and more expensive.  To complement these exclusive Champagne tasting experiences, we indulged in local cuisine dining at fabulous gourmet brasserie and Michelin-starred establishments, and kicked off the tour with a privately hosted dinner at Pommery. Another unique highlight of our Champagne tours includes our hands-on pastry baking class with local celebrity chef Max, and tasting the fruits of our labor at the end of class!

Champagne Tour Photos

We’re excited to share below some of our favorite photos from our 2016 Champagne Tours!

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Champagne Tour Photos

Champagne Tour Photos

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