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Bordeaux Tour Hotel Luxury Boutique Hotel de Seze

Bordeaux Tour Hotel For France Off the Beaten Path’s Bordeaux, Saint Emilion, Arcachon Tour

Bordeaux Tour Hotel — Luxury 4-Star Boutique Hotel – Hotel De Seze

Featured on both Conde Nast’s and CNN Traveler’s top 10, luxury boutique hotel list of places to stay while in Bordeaux!

LuxurY 4-Star Boutique Hotel de Seze

Bordeaux Tour HotelOur luxury Bordeaux Tour hotel, Hotel de Seze, provides guests a perfect, central location in the heart of the historic district of Bordeaux. Located within steps of the famous Opera house, waterfront and its walking path along the Garonne, pedestrian shopping streets, museums, monuments, wine boutiques, and the finest restaurant options of the region, guests enjoy direct access to the most magical neighborhoods of the city. Enjoy leisure evenings upon return from our daily excursions into the surrounding countryside with a stroll along the waterfront offering a selection of cafes and restaurants overlooking the Garonne River. Featuring spacious rooms with large comfortable king size beds (or two twin beds on request) and fully-equipped, private, fully-equipped en-suite bathrooms, luxury bath products, and hair dryer, rooms are also equipped with flat screen television, telephone, mini-bar, corkscrew, personal safe, and air-conditioning. The hotel offers FREE WIFI access and features a spa services, jacuzzi, sauna, wine bar and coffee lounge, and an outdoor terrace.

DAILY BREAKFAST :  Enjoy a Bordelaise breakfast at our Bordeaux Tour hotel each morning before we head out for a day of fun excursions. The breakfast features all of the traditional French goodies-croissants, pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants), pain au raisins (raisin croissants), fresh baguette breads, an assortiment of breakfast breads, fresh fruit salad, yoghurts, a variety of cereals to choose from.  

There is NEVER ANY HOTEL HOPPING on any Off the Beaten Path Tours.  All Tours are home-based, meaning we stay at 1 hotel for the entirety of the tour.

History of the Hotel – Raymond de Seze, Count of Sèze, 1748- 1828

At the Hotel de Sèze reigns the spirit of the Comte de Sèze. Originally from Saint-Emilion, one of the most historically rich and prestigious wine-producing villages near Bordeaux, Raymond de Sèze is known for having been the legal “Defender” of the King-Martyr, Louis XVI.  He earned entry to the Bar of Bordeaux in 1782 and made his mark in the legal world during the “Affair of the Queen’s Diamond Necklace” (Affair of Marie Antoinette responsible for the start of the French Revolution). De Sèze put all his rhetorical skills at the service of this sad and famous affair, which would later inspire the novelist Alexandre Dumas.

An honest man and full of wit, Raymond de Sèze employed courteous manners and a style full of dignity and skill. Attracting the friendship and consideration of influential figures such as Baron de Bensenval and Louis XVI, de Seze earned their trust to represent them before the highest court of the kingdom. He defended the Baron against charges of high treason and pleaded for the revolution to spare the life of Louis XVI.  He served the monarchy with absolute fidelity, rejecting even the demands of Napoleon I.  When Louis XVI was found guilty and sent to the guillotine, de Seze disappeared from public life during the reign of Napolean I, claiming the government illegitimate. He resurfaced when the Bourbons rose to power to be named judge and member of the French Academy in 1816 occupying chair 33 previously held by Voltaire. He enjoyed an unassailable reputation, helped by high moral authority. 

Very attached to the City of Bordeaux, he also participated in the development of the “Pont de Pierre” (Stone Bridge). The first stone bridge built in Bordeaux connecting the left and right banks of the Garonne River, he obtained the necessary loan for the resumption of its construction during the Restoration.

For lovers of history, the “Salon des Illustres” exposes some of the pleadings written by de Seze and houses a rare document, the original edition of the pleading of Louis Capet (Louis XVI) dated December 26, 1792.

Accommodations on Off the Beaten Path, LLC small group luxury Bordeaux Tours offer a charming, luxurious and historical environment. Pamper yourself during this exclusive experience. Our hotel selection is also centrally located to the activities and excursions scheduled of each tour day.

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