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Bordeaux Tour – By France Off The Beaten Path

Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – Best Adventures in Bordeaux™

Best Adventures in Bordeaux™ – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour

Featuring French Bread Baking Class, Cooking at Home Culinary Class, Foodie Experiences, Discovering 15th Century Cheese Caves of Bordeaux, VIP Winery Tours & Wine Tasting, Saint Emilion History, 12th Century Monolithic Church, Arcachon Basin Aboard A Traditional French Pinasse & Pilat Dune, and More…

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DAY 1 – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – Arrival DAY – D 

GROUP MEETS – Hotel Check-in, Welcome Dinner Together – D

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourARRIVAL IN BORDEAUX. Meet and greet by your tour guides at 3 pm at Bordeaux St. Jean Rail Station or Merignac Airport. We transfer to our boutique Bordeaux hotel that will serve as our home base for the entire tour (NO Hotel Hopping – Unpack once for the entire tour).

DINNER: Welcome aperitif (cocktail hour) and dinner, a first taste of local “Bordelaise” gourmet cuisine together at one of the best kept secrets in Bordeaux.

Roundtrip transfers on Day 1 and Day 6 of the tour :  Day 1 – Transfer provided from Bordeaux St. Jean rail station and Merignac airport at 3 pm. Day 6 – Transfer provided to Bordeaux St. Jean Rail station and Merignac airport for 11:30 am arrival.

Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour Highlights:  Hotel Check-in, Welcome Cocktail and Dinner – D

DAY 2 – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – Saint Emilion: Walking, 12th Century Monolithic Church, Wine & Culture – B, L

A Full Day in SAINT EMILION:  Walking the Saint Emilion Wine Jurisdiction, Guided Tour of the village & underground Monolithic Church, Winery Tour and VIP Wine Tasting at a Classified Growth estate Followed by a Hosted Gourmet Picker’s Lunch at the Estate, Afternoon : Leisure Time to Explore Saint Emilion Village, Dinner Independently – B, L


Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourMORNING:  After breakfast – Full day in Saint Emilion village – Departure to Saint Emilion village – rated one of the most beautiful historical and wine growing villages in France. Viticulture was introduced to this fertile region of Aquitaine by the Romans, and intensified in the Middle Ages. The Saint Emilion area benefited from its location on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and many churches, monasteries and hospices were built there from the 11th century onwards. It was granted the special status of a “jurisdiction” during the period of English rule in the 12th century. It is an exceptional landscape devoted entirely to wine-growing, with many fine historic monuments, artisan, craft and wine shops and a photogenic pedestrian village to discover.

Enjoy a Guided Tour of Saint Emilion & the underground monolithic church.


(OPTION #1)  WALKERS – Walk #1: Saint Emilion Jurisdiction:  Saint Emilion Jurisdiction: Embark on a guided walk through the classified growth vineyards of the Saint Emilion wine jurisdiction, the most renowned “Merlot” producing region of Bordeaux. There will be two exclusive “Grand Cru” winery tours and VIP tastings today during our walk. 

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourWalking Rating : For WALKERS:  The Saint Emilion walk is rated easy to moderate. Ideal for those who walk for a morning or afternoon on a regular basis. Walking on vineyard and country trails. Walk distance is 3 miles – approximately 2 hrs. of walking with pauses for photo-ops. For NON-WALKERS:  Shuttle to/from all activities, excursions, meals and visits. Non-walker rating = EASY.

(OPTION #2)  NON-WALKERS – Shuttle from to/from Saint Emilion Village to winery tour and wine tasting. and lunch.


LUNCH – Hosted Picker’s lunch Together for both Walkers and NON-Walkers – Welcome to a  “gourmet picker’s lunch” amidst the Saint Emilion vineyards at the wine estate.

AFTERNOON:  Enjoy leisure time to explore and discover Saint Emilion’s history, as well as visit local artisan and wine boutiques.

DINNER: Independently in Bordeaux dining at one of the fabulous restaurants in town or along the river bank.

DAY 3 – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – French Bread Making & Cooking Class, Sauternes Wine School – B, L

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourFun French Bread Baking Workshop Using an 18th century, Historical Bread Oven & Hands-On Cooking Class Followed by Bordelaise Lunch at Our Chef’s Family Home, Visit at A Wine School with Winery Tour and Wine Tasting  – B, L



We head to the Sauternes area south of Bordeaux for a full day of foodie experiences! Learn to make French baguette and other bread specialties and pastries using an 18th century, historical wood-fired bread oven. Under the guidance of our dear family friend, Master Chef Antoine, we’ll follow the traditional steps of making and baking a variety of French breads and other pastry goodies. Once the bread is ready, we’ll venture on to the next stage of our foodie day – FUN, HANDS-ON COOKING CLASS AT HOME WITH OUR FRENCH CHEF –  Cooking class with our friend, Celebrity Master Chef and Cookbook Author Antoine at his family home in the Sauterne. We will prepare a multi-course meal of “Bordelaise” recipes. Afterwards, enjoy the mid-day “aperitif” also known as pre-lunch cocktails with our chef Antoine and his family followed by a sumptuous gourmet lunch of the recipes prepared together during class accompanied by our very own home-made bread. We will prepare our recipes using many different cooking mediums including Antoine’s custom-designed outdoor wood-fired baking oven.

LUNCH: A traditional Bordelais lunch with our Chef and his family.  Lunch is accompanied by Antoine’s professional selection of classified wines from his cellar and the vineyards of his local friends — including classified wines from Chateau Margaux.

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourEarly Afternoon – A WINERY TOUR & TASTING OUR SELECT GRAND CRU PRODUCER.  Private Winery Tour and wine tasting at the famous French Oenology school (Wine School) in Sauternes; an 1855 classified growth wine producer and teaching school.  There is a sunny magic in these bottles, and the more the wine ages, the more golden its appearance and sweeter its flavors.  It is wondrous that such prized wine comes from grapes that in any other appellation would be considered only fit for discarding.

LATE AFTERNOON – Enjoy some leisure time on return to the hotel.

DINNER: Independently in Bordeaux this evening.

DAY 4 – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – Arcachon Basin, French Pinasse, Foodie Tastings, Culture & Pilat Dune – B, L

ARCACHON:  A Full day at Arcachon Bay/Basin (Bassin d’Arcachon) & Pilat Dune –  Visit the Dune de Pilat – Explore the coast on a Guided leisure Excursion on a Pinasse along the Arcachon Basin, Foodie Tastings, Seaside Lunch, Afternoon Leisure Time – B, L


FULL DAY IN ARCACHON  – Arcachon is a seaside town in south of Bordeaux known for oyster harvesting. Its 4 districts are named after the seasons of the year — The Ville d’Été (summer quarter) is home to shopping streets, the town’s sandy main beach and a casino in the 19th-century Château Deganne. Ville d’Hiver (winter quarter) has extravagant 19th-century villas of spectacular architecture.

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourMORNING: We’ll enjoy a leisure excursion on a French Pinasse along the Arcachon Basin exploring the coast on a guided nature excursion along the Arcachon Basin featuring oyster, charcuterie and cheese tasting with Champagne, followed by a cultural walk of Arcachon and a visit at the Dune de Pilat. The Arcachon Basin vistas and Pilat Dune will leave you speechless!

WALKING RATING : For WALKERS:  The Arcachon cultural walk is rated easy. Ideal for those who walk for on a regular basis. Walking on a defined path. The walk distance is 2 miles – approximately 1 hour of walking with pauses for photo-ops.  For NON-WALKERS:  Shuttle to/from all activities, excursions, meals and visits. Non-walker rating = EASY.

PILAT DUNE – At its southern entrance from the Atlantic Ocean, Arcachon Bay is crowned by Europe’s largest sand dune that is nearly 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) long, 500 meters (1,600 feet) wide, stands 110 meters (360 feet) in height, and is moving inland at a rate of about 5 meters (16 feet) a year.

At the begining of the 19th century Arcachon was still just a small fishing village. The ville d’été started growing up principally as a place of healing where sick people could take in the sea air as part of their recovery process. From 1860 the Ville d’hiver with improved transport developed train links to Bordeaux and Paris. The sea air and the pine forests were found to as beneficial as the mountain air and as Arcachon is in a bay it is protected from the strong winds of the rest of the Atlantic coast. A group of business men, and in particular the Pereire brothers, and the owners of the railway line between Bordeaux and La Teste came up with the idea of extending the line to Arcachon and developing Arcachon as a winter resort.  When Napolean III came to visit, Arcachon’s success was assured. Alexandre Dumas lived in Arcachon for a while and Toulouse-Lautrec had a house on the sea-front.

LUNCH:  A gourmet lunch overlooking the coast!

LATE AFTERNOON – Leisure Time to explore at leisure in Arcachaon before our RETURN TO THE HOTEL.

DINNER:  Independent dinner this evening.

DAY 5 – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – Bordeaux, Sensational History, 15th Century Cheese Caves, Foodie Tastings – B, D

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourA Day in BORDEAUX:  Historical Walking & Foodie Tasting Tour of Bordeaux, Visit & Taste at Our Favorite Artisan FOODIE Boutiques Including Cheese Maturing Caves of a 15th Century Convent Located 15 meters Beneath the streets of Bordeaux, Leisure time Along the Water Front, Evening Farewell Cocktails & Dinner – B, D


MORNING – Enjoy a city walking tour of the history, historical monuments, and our favorite artisan food boutiques of Bordeaux. Our walk features savory and sweet foodie tastings throughout this unique and personalized experience. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in France, you’ll learn what makes Bordeaux so magical!  We will visit one of the oldest and most famous cheese shops in Bordeaux. Fifteen meters below street level, we’ll explore the caves used for maturing cheeses inside the stone-vaulted mystical cellars of an XVth century convent! Here we will find a treasure trove of cheeses being gently aged to their optimal maturity, with the aging process explained by one of their expert staff.  We will also enjoy a tasting of five kinds of cheese and two wines while enjoying the atmosphere of the ancient underground caves.

Bordeaux Arcachon Saint Emilion TourWe will learn about the history of the caneles, a traditional signature dessert of the region, and how its creation in Bordeaux is related to wine! Finally we get to taste the famous “la Dune Blanche” which has a surprise story that will be revealed during our walk. Following our walking tour and tasting experiences, set off on your own to enjoy lunch at the waterfront or one of the city’s traditional bistros.

WALKING RATING :  For WALKERS and NON-WALKERS:  The Bordeaux city cultural and foodie experience walk is rated easy. Ideal for those who walk for on a regular basis. Walking through the city. We spend time at each tasting location, and enjoy pauses for photo-ops.

LUNCH:  Independently in Bordeaux.

AFTERNOON – At leisure to pursue personal interests and to finish any souvenir shopping.

DINNER: Farewell gourmet Dinner in Bordeaux this evening to celebrate a wonderful week together.

DAY 6 – Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour – TOUR CONCLUDES – B

Tour Conclusion, Group Departure – B


Transfer to St. Jean Rail Station in downtown Bordeaux, followed by transfer to Merignac airport for 11:30 am arrival.  If you have made your own departure arrangements and are not departing with the group, please be sure to inform your guides in advance. Earlier and later departures can be organized. Please contact us for details at franceotbp@gmail.com .

(B) = Breakfast Included, (L) = Lunch Included, (D) = Dinner Included

Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour

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Bordeaux, Arcachon, Saint Emilion Tour

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