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A Cooking Class Experience Unlike Any Other in Provence!!

Provence TourOur friend and Master Chef for our Best Adventures in Provence® Tour cooking class has travelled the world cooking in great locations and unusual places. He was born with the passion of cooking and sharing. At the age of 16 he found himself in the professional cooking world in the kitchen of a master, “compagnon du tour de France” Raymond Pondeville. He then went on to spend 2 years in classical cooking after which he head off to Paris and worked at The Ritz and The Crillon Hotels. At the tender age of 21, he left France to explore the global culinary world. His life, as a chef and traveller, led him to Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Spain, Italy, Oxford, South East Asia, China, Scandinavia, Gibraltar, plus adventures on a cruise ship, a sailing yacht and in a casino.

For 14 years our Chef travelled and cooked around the world to discover other cultures, lifestyles and cooking traditions. Cooking is a form of expression in our Chef’s eyes, a way to meet and share fun and entertaining moments together. After an extensive cooking and travelling experience, our Chef returned home to France to open a small restaurant. And after much success, he decided to change direction, and began hosting culinary programs at home in France and internationally. To date he has hosted over 300 culinary TV shows in France, the UK and China. He has also combined his TV career with writing cookbooks. He has authored 15 cookbooks in total. And, he now creates original recipes for different companies, and continues hosting cooking shows and culinary events.

When our friend and Master Chef is not writing cooking books, hosting culinary TV shows or travelling the world to various culinary events, he now hosts private cooking classes in his home workshop. His cooking class is rated and considered the best Provence cooking class offered in the region. Our dear friend, a humble and happy man whose passion for cooking and sharing that passion in a fun and easy-going, relaxed environment, opens his private home workshop to us during each of our Best Adventures in Provence® Tours. He loves opening his home to warmly welcome our Provence Tour guests for a fun, hands-on cooking experience. During class, we learn about local Provence cuisine and the secrets of Provence recipes unlike in any other cooking class of the region. While working on our recipes, Chef will open some fabulous, prestigious Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines for us to enjoy together. In his own words, “Cooking needs to remain a fun and engaging experience that everyone can enjoy whether or not they cook on a regular basis or not at all at home. This is vacation, let’s have fun together, enjoy the cooking moment with a superior glass of wine and a great meal together afterwards in this beautiful place”. A sense of humour and easy-going spirit topped off with a superior glass of wine sets the stage for us to prepare some delicious Provence cuisine with our dear friend’s instruction. Not only is cooking class itself a treat and fun experience, but the cooking class setting at our Chef’s private estate surrounded by sunflower fields and the beautiful scenery of a Provencal castle is sublime.

Come walk, eat, drink and enjoy everything gourmet with us on our Best Adventures in Provence® Walking and Foodie Tour.

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