8 Great Reasons To Visit France!


8 Great Reasons To Visit France!

8 Great Reasons To Visit France by France Off the Beaten Path!

France maintains its position as the #1 Travel Destination in the World!

8 Great Reasons to Visit France – As the leading travel destination in the world, France features some very distinct and exceptional experiences! In my (next year) 30 years as an American living in FranceI detail my favorite reasons why France remains the perfect European destination for travelers whether it’s your 1st trip to France or your tenth! No other European country packs a cultural punch like France does with its extraordinary and vast history, gourmet cuisine, and fabulous wines!

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My Top 8 Great Reasons to Visit France include…

1. Each region within the country feels like a country within a country!  The culture, food, and traditions of France and its culture reflect an incredibly long and varied history, yet each region within the country has its own unique history and culture, even local language. This makes visiting each region feel like you’re visiting a country within a country. From architecture, to building styles, local cuisine, language, and traditions, as well as historic sites, every region has a very distinct look and feel. I often say that you can visit France every year, and always see something, learn something, experience something totally new and different. It’s possible to visit France over and over again and never duplicate your experiences!

2. Some of the Most Specular Walking in Europe! From historical villages dating back to the Gallo-Roman and Mediaeval periods and prestigious vineyards and flower fields sprinkled across the countryside to beautiful waterways meandering through the valleys and royal castles of imposing presence, the quality of walking in France is unparalleled. Walking through the French countryside offers travelers a mix of visual experiences to discover and truly appreciate France! And the photo-ops are unlimited!

3. Beautiful and culturally rich villages to complement the big city experience! While France offers some of Europe’s greatest city experiences, one of the biggest draws remains the country’s villages.  Some travelers to France come simply for Paris, yet the real appeal of the country lies in the country’s beautiful countryside and villages. Where else can a traveler blend experiences more than in France. Venture into the countryside to experience village country culture indulging in traveling the backroads to walk scenic trails, taste local food specialties, taste wines only available locally, and meet locals who take time to share their crafts and trades with visitors. Blended with the big city experience of Paris and other cities around the country, this combination dishes up a well rounded cultural experience!

4. Castles, castles, and more castles! That’s right, castle culture is a huge part of French culture in general. From imposing forts of the Middle Ages to beautifully sculptured castles of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods, the French countryside resembles a beautifully decorated stage showcasing a spectacular variety of historical castles to tour in every region of the country!

5. The BEST food loaded with flavors unique to a region and its reputation! Yes, France has a reputation that it graciously lives up to. France not only serves up the most varied cuisine you can imagine and enjoy as a visitor to the country, but the cuisine also varies from region to region. A specialty dish of Provence differs greatly from a specialty dish in Brittany or Alsace. Cuisine is regionally specific, and based on locally grown, seasonal ingredients. Modern recipes have historical origins. And, no need to worry about your waistline when visiting France, because French fancy a good walk post meal to jump start the digestive juices to burn off those sumptuous calories!

6. World famous wines, and many you won’t find outside of France! Many people are familiar with French wines of Bordeaux or Burgundy, and of course, Champagne. And, while you might be familiar with wines coming from these world famous regions, some of the country’s best sellers and favorites among locals are the wines produced within a consumer’s very own region or village. Venturing into the countryside offers many perks, of which an important one for some travelers is being able to discover local favorites not found elsewhere. Of course, the exception to this rule is Brittany. Brittany is the only region of France that produces no wine at all, and is therefore subject to its countrymen for a drink!

7. Artisans, Crafts, and Art…Outdoor Markets and Workshops! A fabulous way to experience local culture in France includes exploring weekly markets. France is famous for its outdoor markets that feature wares from local artisans and craftsmen, as well as artists. Some of my favorites to seek out at local markets include hand-made French table and bed linens, hand-made “artisan” jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces, and art from local photographers or painters. Most markets run from early morning until mid-day. Many markets also host local food producers preparing tasty dishes, such as, the famous market rotisserie chicken and potatoes to sausage hoagies and paella. All are perfect to enjoy a yummy picnic after your market purchases have been completed!

8. The people…French Love to share their culture and everything French! France remains the #1 destination for travelers worldwide thanks to its people. French are passionate about their culture, history, cuisine, wine, and sports. It’s no secret either that it is one of the best preserved cultures of our time, and rightly so. What other country can claim fame to some of the world’s best cuisine and wines, and top it off with such profound history? They take great pride in having preserved their culture in this ever changing, fast paced world of evolving technology. On any trip to France, you’re sure to encounter one or more French who will proudly strike up a conversation about what makes France a wonderful country or what you absolutely “must see or do” while visiting!

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