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Provence Tour Information Questions & Answers

Provence Walking Tour Information for Best Adventures in Provence™ Tour by France Off the Beaten Path

Provence Walking Tour Information

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR Provence TOURSProvence Walking Tour Information

Click on the accordion menu below to read more Provence Walking Tour Information – Answers to our most frequently asked Provence Walking Tour questions. Still need help?  Contact us »

Provence Walking Tour Information

Are Off the Beaten Path, LLC tours in English?
Yes. All tours are conducted in English and designed for English speaking travelers. The majority of OTBP Guests come from the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and England. Guests have also come from the Caribbean, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Korea, Hong Kong, and Israel.
Where do we rendezvous on Day 1 of the Provence Tour?
Your OTBP Guide(s) will meet you at Avignon TGV train station – We can also organize roundtrip transfers from/to Marseille Airport. The group pick-up time is 4:00 PM at Avignon TGV Rail Station. Specific details on where to meet your guide will be included in the tour information package we send out 30 days prior to the tour.
Where does the Provence Tour finish?
Return transfers to the Avignon TGV rail station depart the hotel in the morning on Day 6 of the tour at 11 am to arrive at the TGV station by NOON, followed by drop-off at Avignon Centre rail station for those staying on in Avignon after the tour. We can organize earlier departure transfers for guests taking a flight or early morning train. Please contact us directly to make arrangements for an earlier transfer. – Provence Walking Tour Information
What is the confirmed Premiere Inn (Hotel) selection for 2022 and 2022 Provence Tour dates?
– NO HOTEL HOPPING!– We stay 5-nights at CONDE NAST recommended premiere boutique Hotel Gounod located in the historical heart of St. Remy de Provence. The perfect choice for our base to discover the region and experience the very best of Provence. Enjoy stepping into the pedestrian walking streets of the town to explore, shop and/or discover local sites independently during leisure time and/or enjoy a quiet moment with a glass of wine, beer, or tea in the beautiful and tranquil hotel gardens. Click here to read more about our hotel selection and check out photos.
Can I change my mind and transfer to another trip even after I’ve already made a reservation?
Yes. You may transfer from one trip to another before trip departure without any penalty (excludes custom designed-private tours), as long as space is available on the tour date requested.
What kind of transportation is used for the Provence Tour?
The ground transportation throughout our Best Adventures in Provence Tours is provided by comfortable and discreet Mercedes Sprinter minibus designed and tailored for small group travel. Our Sprinter is equipped with air-conditioning, and features reclining leather seats, overhead storage, tray tables and cold storage cooler so guides are able to provide guests cold bottled water throughout the day during our outings.  The Sprinter accommodates up to 19 persons. We have a dedicated, professional driver who has been driving our groups for years.
How should I go about making my travel plans?
Off the Beaten Path is a full service tour operator and it is our pleasure to assist you with all aspects of upcoming travel plans. Whether you are looking for a suggestion for a hotel in Paris or assistance with your rail tickets, simply contact us to request our “extended stay package” by EMAIL at franceotbp@gmail.com or  CALL 1.717.683.2827 with your tour questions. – Provence Walking Tour Information
What is the weather going to be like in the Provence?
Provence is a very comfortable dry climate and spring (April-May-June), early summer (June, July) and early fall (September-mid-October) are the best periods of the year to visit the region. April, May, June, September and October, day time temperatures in Provence range from the upper 70’s- to mid-80’s Fahrenheit and very comfortable, with evenings being slightly cooler. June, July, and August day time temperatures in Provence average in the mid 80’s Fahrenheit with evenings being only slightly cooler. Typically it is sunny, but be prepared with the proper rain gear. – Provence Walking Tour Information
What is not included on my Provence Tour?
Best Adventures in Provence Tours exclude – Airfare to and from the trip, Train fare to and from the trip, 2020: 1 lunch, 2 dinners, excursions not detailed in the itinerary, gratuities to Tour Guides and Professional Driver, personal purchases.
How should I tip my Off the Beaten Path guide(s)?
Tipping in France is common. Gratuities to restaurant servers and baggage porters are included in your tour price. Gratuities to your tour guides/leaders and driver are not included in your tour price.  It is customary to tip your tour guides/leaders and professional driver at your discretion at the conclusion of your tour, as a show of appreciation for their hard work and exceptional service. Complete CONDE NAST tipping suggestions/guidelines are included in your detailed tour information welcome package we send you 30 days before the departure date of the tour.
Who are the Provence Tours designed for?
Our Provence Tours are designed for discerning travelers of all ages and backgrounds, from the seasoned traveler and independent traveler to the first time traveler to France. Join any one of the our tours as a solo traveler, a couple, a small group of friends or family, or bring your entire travel club, affinity group, women’s organization or wine society. No culinary, history or other type of experience is necessary. Join us for the vacation of a lifetime to discover the Best of Provence, as an insider, and make new friends along the way. – Provence Walking Tour Information
Do I need to be an expert to take your Provence Tour?
Not at all. The idea is to learn about French culture, traditions, wine, daily life, artisan lives and culinary practices in a fun and relaxing environment. Our tours offer great learning opportunities for everyone. Off the Beaten Path guides are very skilled at adapting their discussions to the general level of knowledge of the group, providing good introductory information for novices, and more advanced discussions for those who have more experience or a specialty interest. It’s vacation and our tours are all about having fun, enjoying new experiences and being active! – Provence Walking Tour Information
Do I need to be an athlete to participate in the Provence Tour?
No. However France is a country of walkers. Our Provence Tours are designed for active travelers of all backgrounds. This tour includes options for travelers of varying interests and walking ability levels. There are 2 optional, active walks designed for interested guests who enjoy walking, plus there is daily leisure walking.

PLEASE NOTE – Our Walks are nature walks that include walking through vineyards, forests, olive orchards, flower fields, a truffle farm, and other such landscapes in nature. These are country walks, enjoying the scenic backroads and natural landscapes of Provence. Our three scheduled walks feature walking through the Provence countryside on trails where loose gravel, pebbles, rocks and dirt are the norm.  Appropriate walking shoes are recommended for all walks. We enjoy the “slow road” taking in the beautiful scenery of the countryside and local villages daily. 2 MORNING Walks, 1 AFTERNOON Walk.

WALK NO.1 – FOR WALKERS:  Provence Walking Tour Information – April, May, September, October:  Guided walk – “Luberon Valley Village to Village” walk in the Luberon region of Provence is rated EASY to MODERATE (optional: designed for interested guests). Walking on vineyard and country trails through picturesque lansdcapes and French country architecture, lavender and sunflower fields with a variety of beautiful villages in the background. Ideal for those who walk for a morning or afternoon on a regular basis. Walk distance is 4 miles – approximately 2 hrs. depending on photo-op stops.  Added note: During lavender season (June, July, August) – Walkers: Our morning Luberon village to village walk is replaced by our morning trail walk through picturesque lavender fields and villages of the Valensole plateau! Non-Walkers: shuttle to lavender fields for a non-walking experience to photograph the endless fields of lavender.

WALKERS – JUNE, JULY, AUGUST:  Guided walk – “Lavender Trail” walk in the Luberon region of Provence is rated EASY to MODERATE (optional: designed for interested guests). Walking on country trails of gravel and pebble stone through picturesque landscapes of lavender fields with a beautiful village in the background. Ideal for those who walk for a morning or afternoon on a regular basis. Walk distance is about 2 miles – approximately 1.5 hrs. depending on photo-op stops.

WALK NO.2 – FOR WALKERS:  Provence Walking Tour Information – Guided – “CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE – Amidst the Vineyards Walk”- is rated EASY to MODERATE (optional: designed for interested guests). Sturdy walking shoes recommended. Walking on vineyard and country trails with occasional easy ascents and uneven terrain with large gravel stones and clay soil. The trail offers spectacular views of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape vineyards – The walk is rated moderate-Ideal for those who walk on a regular basis. Walk distance is 4 miles – approximately 2-2.5 hrs. of walking depending on photo-op stops.

Non-walkers have alternative guided excursions and activity options available to them each day of the trip.  Join us for the vacation of a lifetime to discover the Best of the Provence, as an insider, and make new friends along the way.

While our tours are structured to appeal to those who enjoy walking, as much as to those who prefer to be shuttled by vehicle daily, our tours are not recommended for travelers who have walking difficulties and or knee or back problems that would result in limited participation in the tour.

Our Provence Tour includes periods of extended standing with no seating available, walking to and from our Mercedes sprinters to and from restaurants, wineries, in villages, on uneven pavement, and to and from other daily tour activities. – Provence Walking Tour Information

Is wine included at meals? What kind of wines are included at meals?
Yes, wine is included at all scheduled meals together. We expertly match premium wines from the region we’re visiting with each dish. Meals offer an excellent opportunity to try wines from appellations not available to guests at home, and to introduce guests to some select wines worth a favorable mention or that are exceptionally appreciated by the locals. – Provence Walking Tour Information
What foods comprise a traditional French picnic?
A traditional French picnic consists of the following :  a large selection of cheeses, a couple of varieties of “saucisson” (a cured sausage made from pork and sometimes seasoned with herbs), traditional home-made French bread called “baguette”, sometimes grain or nut based breads (as the custom and preference is that cheeses be accompanied by a nut or grain bread), pates and other potted meat spreads, such as foie gras, country pate or meatier spreads called “terrine” where the meat has been slow cooked in its fat then pulled and canned or sealed in a jar, French style sandwiches, olives or “cornichons” (small tart pickles), condiments including French mustards and butter, a selection of fresh vegetables such as, tomatoes, radishes and/or melon (depending on the season), a choice fresh fruit from the season and a selection of local wines.  Our picnics include all of these fabulous specialty foods and each picnic is designed to reflect the regional food culture and the local growing season. – Provence Walking Tour Information
What is a typical French breakfast?
A typical French breakfast is very simple and comprised of all or any combination of the following — traditional home-made French bread called “baguette”, “viennoiserie” known in English as pastries, such as croissants, pain au chocolate (a croissant with chocolate in it — yum!) or pain au raisins (croissant type pastry with custard and raisins in it), cereal and/or yoghurt or a fresh white cheese of the same consistency as yoghurt called “fromage blanc”, fresh fruits and jams, fruit juices and coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  When in the heart of “farm” country, one might be offered a small selection of local cheese and French charcuterie which would be a selection of cold cuts.  The breakfast description provided here is exactly the type of breakfast offered on all of our tours.  If a hotel in Paris, another major city or the occasional country hotel offers omelettes, pancakes, hot sausages and/or bacon, this is not part of the typical French breakfast and has been added to the morning menu to attract non-French tourists. France does not have breakfast specific restaurants like what you would find in your home country. – Provence Walking Tour Information
How are the Provence Tours structured?
Celebrating 25 years experience in the tour industry, specifically with small group touring, we have found that our guests are generally more interested in active experiences, culture, people to people experiences and guided tours of museums and sites. Our guests like to visit private homes, and pursue their hobbies when they travel. Our guests enjoy being able to shop locally for items, such as, collectibles, art and local products. Our guests tend to do more homework and want a meatier trip, but also want to enjoy down time or leisure time to explore independently. All of our trips are designed based on these factors. Each trip offers organized activities and excursions daily combined with periods of leisure time each day. Our tours encourage individual approach and pursuit of your interests, as well as introducing you to new experiences and people during each trip. – Provence Walking Tour Information
How should I expect to dress during the tour?
Pack comfortable light weight, casual clothing. It’s vacation and we want you to feel and be as comfortable as possible during our daily activities. For walks, we recommend comfortable pants, shorts, or capris that breath, such as, those sold at REI, Patagonia, North Face, and other outdoor activity clothing stores. Yoga style pants are also a good choice to wear for our day activities. Unlike Paris which has a much more formal dress code, Provence is in the countryside, and different rules apply. It is acceptable to wear casual outdoor clothes and sneakers during day-time activities. Our dinners together include Michelin-star and bistro style gourmet restaurants. For men we suggest a business casual ensemble (no tie or jacket necessary unless it’s your personal preference) and for women we recommend a casual dress for dinners. We also classify our dinner dress code as “resort chic”. Please no jeans or gym type sneakers at dinner. – Provence Walking Tour Information
How should I pack?
Please limit your luggage to a size that you can easily manage while traveling around France through the airport(s) and on the French rail system. Try not to over pack; you will not wear all your clothing, and laundry service is available at our Provence hotel, and in town! A suggested packing list will be enclosed in your tour information package. – Provence Walking Tour Information
What travel documents will I need for my Tour?
All travelers to France are required to have a valid passport. Please make 2 copies of your passport and personal identification before you depart. Keep one set of copies with you in a separate location from your travel documents, and leave the other set of copies with a contact at home before you depart. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check with your consulate general for entry requirements. – Provence Walking Tour Information


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